Smarked for Death – Monday Night Raw April 27, 2009.

Smarked for Death
WWE Monday Night Raw April 27, 2009

Tonight’s Raw will address the fallout from last night’s Backlash PPV and finally institute the roster changes from the 2009 Draft.  What changes will Raw have?
My guess and my hope is that this is the first of many episodes that will make new stars and new main event players for WWE.  Not that everyone got a push last night, but it looks like a movement was started.  Shawn Michaels and Triple H look to both be taking time off.  John Cena will be little used as rumor has him filming a new movie.  JBL has left WWE.  Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio went to Smackdown.  There’s a huge opening for someone to step up.  And so they did.
MVP came out last night and looked like a main event star.  Forget his losing streak.  Raw is a new start for Mr. Porter and he made the most of it.  Thanks to Shane’s interference in the main event neither MVP or Randy Orton lost.  MVP has already had a competitive match that he could have possibly won on his first night on Raw.  Good start.
Not in a match, but with as much impact, the Miz officially moved to Raw.  Miz comes out and challenges the injured John Cena.  Miz puts over himself and buries John Cena, especially his acting career.  No one expected Cena to come out after his loss at Backlash, but the Miz still has his hand raised in victory.  Miz 1, Cena 0. Miz ends up looking even stronger due to the fact that John Cena came out later in the evening to distract the Big Show.  The fact that Cena came out for Show but not for the Miz makes the Miz look like more of a threat than the World’s Largest Athlete.
Unfortunately it wasn’t a positive experience for everyone new to Raw.  The Brian Kendrick lost to Kofi.  Chavo and Jamie Noble lost to the Colons.  All three losing men are incredible wrestlers that deserve better.  WWE has never gotten behind the lighter guys (well those not named Shawn Michaels). All three men could put on great matches if given the chance.  Even match of the year candidates. (The phrase “match of the year candidate” can no longer be used now per WWE’s request.  Apologies to Matt Striker.)
I don’t know what Hornswoggle can do on Raw, but if it’s comedy bits like last night more power to him.  Santina and Hornswoggle on Raw provide more laughs than any other show on Monday Nights.  (OK, I love Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.  Two and a Half Men can be great too. But this is a wrestling column.)
Matt Hardy becomes the 21st century Cowboy Bob Orton, gaining wins with a cast covering his arm.  If you’re going to be injured after recently turning heel and being moved to a new show, there’s no more beneficial injury than the broken hand.  Matt could become a top heel on Raw in just a few weeks and maybe get the chance to show what he can do in the main event.
Overall an enjoyable show that started the build towards next year’s WrestleMania.  The wrestling calendar ends at Mania, with a little overflow for Backlash.  But this week’s Raw showed three men that could reach that upper level and have World titles by this time next year.  Not bad for a 2 hour show.

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