Smarked for Death ECW June 9, 2009.

Smarked for Death
ECW June 9, 2009
Biloski, MS

Why did Tiffany get the spot as GM of ECW?  I realize that it’s still a “temporary” position, but with Raw needing a new GM now, and no mention of anyone else taking over the spot, one has to assume that Tiffany’s position is permanent.
Anyways, Tommy Dreamer, your new ECW champion, tries repeatedly to sign his new contract but is interrupted by Christian and Jack Swagger.  Both men have complaints about not being champion.  This segment really puts over the ECW title as important and desired.  Three men fighting for the belt, then there are guys like Mark Henry, Finlay, and Evan Bourne that can be put in the title hunt within minutes.  Christian even commits a heel-ish act by putting Dreamer through a table.  The belt is so coveted its worth antagonizing the fans.
Also, while it doesn’t look like I’ll review Extreme Rules 2009 here until the DVD comes out, I can’t be any happier with the results.  Dreamer deserves his title run.  Look at his previous title reigns, if they could be called such.  Original ECW: Champion once, for minutes.  Tag team champion three times for a combined 164 days.  His only titles in WWE have been multiple runs with the defunct Hardcore title, 14 time champion for a grand total of 110 days.  For a man that’s been in WWE since 2001 and ECW for nearly 10 years before that, that is a severe lack of titles.  Now I know its been said that Dreamer isn’t a mark for titles.  He doesn’t want them or need them.  But maybe I, the fan, need him to have a title run or two.  Hopefully he holds onto this title for a long time.  Probably not, but at least its already hundreds of times longer than his first ECW title run.
Back to this week’s episode… Evan Bourne beat Tony Atlas in part three of the Evan Bourne/Mark Henry feud.  I’ve seen Tony Atlas wrestling live, and fairly recently too.  He looked much better on ECW.  So the question is, what changed?  Did Evan carry him to a good match?  Did Tony go all out for ECW/WWE but crapped on the indy wrestling crowd?  Or is it because at my local 2CW show they booked a man with bad knees in a flag match?  Either way, a good showing by Tony against the future star that is Evan Bourne.
Vladimir Kozlov beat up two indy guys in a squash match.  Nothing to report here, but why is Vladimir smiling?  He came to the ring smiling, wrestled with a smile on his face, and left that way as well.  Is there a face turn coming?  Is this the same booking that made the Great Khali into a face?  Will Vladimir become the St. Petersburg Playboy?
Christian calls Swagger a “gear box”.  I don’t know what this means.  So I look it up at  Christian called Swagger a fag!  Seriously.  To quote, “gearbox – queer, faggot, fruit or another type of male knob-gobbler”.  And they got away with this?
The uncrowned ECW tag team champions, the Hart Dynasty, beat Christian and Jack Swagger when Swagger drops Christian across the top rope and the Harts hit the Hart Attack for the pin.  David Hart Smith gets a pin over the former champion, everyone still looks strong, and Dreamer gets to run out as the hero and save Christian.
Very good booking as usual for ECW.  Matt Striker continues to be an amazing announcer, and luckily for all of us he was not fired for his naked pictures.  Of course it helps when your GM was in Playboy.

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