Smarked for Death TNA Impact June 11, 2009.

Smarked for Death
TNA Impact
June 11, 2009

I don’t want to make it look like I dislike TNA.  I love watching it, and their booking impresses me over and over again because it is so well thought out.  The last word I read, a month ago, was that TNA has their storylines booked through October.  This leads to slow builds, things paying off in the end, and every wrestler getting his or her turn in the spotlight.  Advance booking guarantees that a wrestler wont have a title given to him on Sunday, only to be stripped of it on Monday (stupid Batista).
However, all that out of the way, the only things I’ve been excited about in TNA lately are two wrestlers that weren’t there a month ago.  Tara (the former WWE Diva Victoria) and Raven have been the best parts of Impact lately.
Tara has shown more intensity in her TNA matches then in the last few years in WWE.  She no longer has to carry Eve, Layla, Kelly, etc. to passable matches.  Not to say Velvet Sky (and others) are the Knockouts answer to Frank Gotch, but they are wrestlers.  Not models who were forced to become wrestlers, these girls got into wrestling to wrestle.  Tara will raise the already high bar of the Knockouts division to even greater heights.  TNA usually waits to reward talent with titles until they’ve been with the company for awhile but I see Tara becoming the Knockouts champion at Slammiversary.
Raven, while doing nothing, is doing everything to make his appearances on Impact the most memorable.  He sulks in the background, and we all question what’s going on.  He has already formed a new Flock without anyone even noticing (Dr. Stevie and Daffney).  He stalks Lauren in one of the creepiest moments ever in TNA then Daffney destroys Lauren and Taylor Wilde, all under Raven’s orders.  Nothing against Shane Douglas, who also returned to TNA, but I’m not invested in his feud with Daniels.  But every time Raven is on camera I’m glued to the TV.  What will he do next?  Who will he corrupt or destroy?  Or both?  Nevermore?  This fan hopes Raven stays in TNA forever more.

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