Smarked for Death WWE Friday Night Smackdown June 12, 2009.

Smarked for Death
WWE Friday Night Smackdown
June 12, 2009

First of all, for those of you who have trouble watching Smackdown, I bring it to your attention that the last 10 episodes are available to watch, streaming, for free, on  Type in WWE, or Smackdown, and go to full episodes.  The MyNetwork channel is available in very few markets, and I haven’t been able to watch Smackdown through legal means for nearly a year now.  By watching it on Hulu, WWE can show their advertisers a viewer count.  More money and better ratings for them equals more money spent to entertain us, the fans.  Plus each episode has a bonus classic match.  Public service announcement over.
Excellent points made by CM Punk to open the show.  No one complained last year when he beat Edge for the World heavyweight title.  No one said it was wrong, or he took advantage of someone.  In this three way feud for the title, Jeff Hardy is the face, Edge is the heel, and Punk is the perfect in between man.  There are just as many reasons to boo him as there are to cheer him.  This title run looks to be better than his first already.  Clean wins over Hardy, Edge, and Chris Jericho is less than two weeks.
Dolph Ziggler is putting together a win streak.  Granted, its by every means other than a pinfall win.  And its over the Great Khali.  Wrestling the Great Khali is like playing tennis with a brick wall.  You can’t really win, and no one wants to watch you do it.
Michelle McCool’s new finishing move is called the Faith Breaker.  What faith of mine is breaking?  My faith in the public school system in which you were employed not that long ago?  Or my faith in the Divas division versus the TNA Knockouts.  Sorry WWE but Tara has been on fire in an already strong division.
John Morrison’s split legged moonsault is called “Starship Pain”.  This is beyond awesome, much like himself.  Think back to just a few years ago when John Cena was feuding with K-Fed.  Morrison and Melina came out to cut a promo, and it went down in history as one of the worst ever.  Back to today, John Morrison is widely thought to be a future WWE world champion.  That is a man who can carry the company, and be the public face.  He is the Shawn Michaels to the three Marty Jannetys in this match.
The Smackdown 5 have the last two matches.  Jeff Hardy and Edge have another good match, until it ends due to CM Punk’s interference.  Punk and Jericho have one of Punk’s best matches ever in WWE.  Jericho reverses the GTS into the Walls of Jericho.  Add Rey Mysterio as the fifth, and maybe John Morrison in a couple weeks, and this may be a revival of the Smackdown 6 concept.

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