Smarked for Death ECW June 23, 2009.

Smarked for Death
ECW June 23, 2009

His name is Finlay, and he loves to fight.  He’s also a cheating little bastard that confuses the audience.  Let me explain.
Finaly is supposed to be the toughest man in WWE.  He comes from a long line of fighters, been wrestling since he was 9 months old, trained Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and Abraham Lincoln.  We get it.  He’s a tough bastard.  Then why can’t he win a match on his own?  Most of this year Finlay was teamed with Hornswoggle, his lepre-son.  Finlay would get the win after Horny interfered and/or distracted the opponent or referee in some way.  After the draft, father and son were separated.  Now we can see how Finlay does on his own.  No, no we cant because now he’s using the shillelagh to win every match.  But then an injury happened.  Finlay hurt his eye while breaking up a fight between Tommy Dreamer and Christian.  He comes back and attacks both men with the shillelagh.  But this time it makes sense.  Its revenge!  And with Dreamer as ECW champion it puts Finlay in the middle of the title picture as well.  Finally we’ll see the angry Irishman in the main event, finally no more gimmicks, finally… he has to hook the trunks to pin Zack Ryder?
Nothing against Zack Ryder – Woo Woo Woo! – because he’s been nothing but impressive lately.  I think he’ll be wearing gold by the next draft.  Every match he’s improving and adding to his repertoire.  But he’s not there yet and a man as good as Finlay claims to be should not need to cheat to beat him.  Hogan got over by using heel tactics as a face.  Its not a bad gimmick.  But that’s not what’s being done here.  Finlay looks weak every time he does this.  Can’t the guy get a clean pin?  Maybe even two in a row?
Line of the night to Matt Striker.  “Finlay will make that woo woo woo go backwards, ow ow ow.”
The Hurricane returns!  A little comedy and ridiculousness works in wrestling when done right and in small doses.  May Young’s hand?  No.  Didn’t work for a second.  Hurricane/mild mannered backstage reporter Gregory Helms?  Perfect.  If only we can pair him up with a Lois Lane type.  Suggestions?
The main event showed the importance of the ECW title.  Any one of the four men in the match (Swagger, Henry, Christian and Dreamer) could capture the title at any time.  They’re willing to turn on each other at any time if it means getting that belt.  Add in Finlay and Evan Bourne, and that title could change hands more than the old Hardcore championship.  Raw has two men fighting for the top, Smackdown has 3.  ECW has 4-6 men that could be in the main event today and accepted as the champion.  Excellent booking for the so called “C” show.

Remember the family of ECW Superstar Paul Burchill in your thoughts and prayers. Paul‘s brother, Major Seah Birchall, was killed in Afganistan on Jine 19, 2009.

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