Smarked for Death WWE Monday Night Raw July 6, 2009.

Smarked for Death

WWE Monday Night Raw July 6, 2009

A week after the new talent influx on Raw, the veterans show how its done. Triple H and John Cena have a WrestleMania level main event. The guest host of the evening, the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase (Senior) schools the next generation on how to give a promo.

Quickly going over the rest of the show. Edge and Chris Jericho dominate the tag team division for the final week (as Edge is now injured and the state of the tag team titles has yet to be announced). Carlito and Primo end their partnership. Didn’t they feud when Primo first came into WWE? Also, how many turns has Carlito had by now? No one will care about this but maybe Primo can show what he’s capable of on his own. Gail Kim pins Maryse, the Divas champion, right after its announced that Mickie James will be facing Maryse for that title at Night of Champions. Will this match be a three way now? Are you picturing a different kind of three way with these women? Which would you be more likely to pay $39.99 for?

Yes! The long awaited match between MVP and Jack Swagger is on the horizon. Who is to benefit from this? MVP takes a step down to get Swagger over. Or Swagger puts MVP over and soon finds himself being future endeavored.

Ted Dibiase Sr. played father and boss at the same time, and pulled it off. He gets his son over, and Ted Jr. has his best match thus far in WWE against Randy Orton. Sure he lost, but he lost to the champ and fared better than anyone thought he would going into it. Ted Sr. gets in his digs at the rest of legacy, and their fathers. “I despise Dusty Rhodes. Why would the Million Dollar Man want to associate with a common man?” Classic stuff. It doesn’t make me want to watch Cody Rhodes, but I’m all set for a Dusty vs. Ted Sr. match. Ted Jr. argues with his Dad in a scene that’s been played out in homes for generations. The father only wants what’s best for his son but the son is confused. Does he choose family or “friends”? This being WWE, Ted Jr. doesn’t back down, he doesn’t hide in his room, he doesn’t walk away. He slaps his old man with 20 plus years of force behind it. The slap shook the building. It echoed so far that Ted’s brother Mike in Florida Championship Wrestling heard it. This is the build up to Ted Jr. being a main event player. Much like Evolution built up Orton, Legacy will create new stars.

The Triple H vs. John Cena match had something special to it. Even though these two men have wrestled many times before there was something new to this one. My only thought while watching it was that the match was much like Shawn Michaels vs. the Undertaker at this year’s WrestleMania. Every move felt like a finishing move. Even a rest hold looked dangerous. I felt like each man went in to win now. Not in five minutes, not after an hour long Broadway match. Right now. Each man trying anything to beat the other. Only to have it ruined by interference. The match could have been a classic if a winner was decided, but now its lost to the second or third tier on “Best of Raw” lists.

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