A People’s History of Violence.

While at work today I met an amazing man.  A bit of a Bromance if you will.  Follow me with this story…

A random customer shopping at the bookstore I work at came up to me asking for various books.  A People’s History of the United States.  Lies My Teacher Told Me.  And other alternate history books.  (Not alternate history like a “What If” book, but as in a history not told by old rich white men.)  I’ve read most of the books he was looking for, and suggested other books he might like.  We bantered back and forth and had an amazing conversation.  I suggested a book, he bought all three on the shelf.  It was one of the most intelligent conversations I’ve had since finishing college three years ago.

And not only was this man smart, but he had an aura about him as well.  To, I admit, sound gay for a moment:  His hair was shoulder length but neat.  Pressed button up shirt and khakis that looked casual yet classy all at once.  This man looked like a professor that all the students love because he treats them like equals, yet all the administrators love because he brings in money from the alumni.

This must be my answer.  The man has to be a college professor.  Probably from Syracuse University.  Maybe up here for a long weekend off to visit family.

Satisfied with my asnwer I moved on to help other customers and eventually had to work a register in order to help my fellow employees deal with a long line.  The Professor, by nothing but coincidence, comes through my line.  I talk to him some more and we trade a few more book titles.  He rings up over $200 worth of books, a large sum in this town.  I take his credit card, flip it over, and see that there is no signature on his card.

“Sir, I apologize for embarrassing you, as I have enjoyed our conversations today.  But the policy of my store is that I must ask for identification from anyone who has not signed the back of their credit or debit cards.  I’m sure that this is your card, but I am on a security camera and may risk my job if I do not ask you.”

“Not to worry about it,” he says.  Graciously the Professor takes out his driver’s licence and hands it over to me.  I saw the name, and all of my questions as to the credentials of this man were answered.

Viggo Mortensen.

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  1. Great choice of books, perhaps you could write me a list of possible reads? At the moment I’m chewing on Chomsky.

    By the way, who is that person and is it wise of you to identify him online?

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