Chewing on Comics – CBG #1658.


First off I have to say that Comics Buyer’s Guide is my choice for the best magazine about comics today.  I still buy Wizard and Previews.  Occasional issues of Alter Ego, Write Now! and even the old Hero Illustrated make their way to me.  But CBG gives me news, reviews, interviews and a price guide.  All for the same or cheaper price than the other magazines.  “But its in black and white!”  Yeah it is, and I love it.  Know what else was in black and white?  Bone.  Blankets.  Its a Wonderful Life.  I Love Lucy.  Cherry Poptart.  Gorgeous George.  Get over your fear of black and white and dive into this amazing magazine.

Going through the issue:

Pictures from San Diego Comic Con!  Yes, I watched G4’s coverage of the event.  And I looked at photos through comic sites and social networking.  But until I make it to the event I can never see enough pictures.  Scott Ian! Emma Frost!  Dollar comics!  Some kid dressed as the Vision!

The Red Circle heroes are back.  Four heroes with history merged into the DC universe.  I didn’t care, but now that I’ve read this article I’m excited.  In theory all of these stories sound great.  Four “new” heroes, the possibility for even more, mixed in with the rich history of DCU.  Hopefully it turns out better than the Milestone deal.

“Val Staples 10 Favorite Covers”.  How cool a name for someone in the comics industry is “Val Staples”.  Its either comics, wrestling or porn with that name.  Either way, this site will cover you.  I have half the covers mentioned already and started tracking down the rest.  Part of a cool cover is to get the reader curious enough to buy the issue.  Well, really that’s the whole point to a cover.  Whether its the “Here Lies He-Man” Masters of the Universe cover, or Spider-Man walking away from Damage Control, any casual fan should grab that and think “what the hell is going on here, now I have to read this.”

If the future of the Red Circle heroes wasn’t enough for you, why not learn about the past?  Mr Silver Age tells us all about the Mighty Crusaders.  I’ve been reading comics almost 25 years and this was all new to me.  No matter how much you think you know about your hobbies, there’s always something new to learn.

Almost 20 pages of reviews!  Yes, it is tough and near impossible to read everything.  I have neither the time nor money to read all of the comics reviewed here.  But I don’t have to.  In 20 pages I’ve found titles I’m glad I skipped, titles I feel I know all I need to based on the review, and titles I never knew about but now I need to make room in the budget for.  (The Doctor Who book with art by Ben Templesmith looks awesome.)

An almost 15 page price guide, with more reviews!  Peter David talking about gay love in comics!   Seriously, you couldn’t cram more information into a magazine this size and price.  I’m glad I don’t have to, but I’d gladly pay double the current price for this magazine if they found a way to give me even more.  I don’t mean color though.  The black and white makes me feel like its a secret.  Just me and CBG talking comics.  Shhh, don’t let the big glossy celebrity filled magazine know.

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