Old Blog – A slacker turns 30.

This blog was originally posted on a now defunt page on May 14, 2008.

Ah yes, yesterday on the 13th of May I turned 30.  No, no pills were taken nor any guns fired.  While I’m not thrilled about it I accepted the birthday.  You may ask what is so wrong about another birthday.  It’s the symbolism of it.  At 30 I felt that I would have my life in order.  I would know what I was doing for the rest of my life, who I was doing it with.  The 2.5 kids, two dogs in the yard, life used to be so hard (everybody sing!).  It’s why I’ve been in a funk the last year.  Then, for some reason, last night, I accepted my fate.  Here it is, stop complaining and do something about it.  My goals can be accomplished, in ways far easier than I realize.  First is to get back to the everyday writing.  I’m going to have things up on multiple sites again too.  With work hours being in the toilet, I see no reason to not dedicate myself once again.  And it helps to have a little cutie like Elise threatening me if I don’t write.

The birthday:
I received texts/calls from many people.  I’ve decided against listing everyone individually.  Makes it seem like I’m pressuring others.  My mom actually did very well on gifts and told me stories of adorable things I did when I was younger.  My grandmother wrote a nice letter too, as I am the first grandchild to turn 30.  Speaking of letters, apparently my brother is quite the letter writer, as I heard a story last night that I had long forgotten about.  Went out to dinner with Matt, Scott and Cora.  Yes we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, of course we did.  I don’t know why you are surprised by this.  Cheeseburger bites, 18 wings (which I couldn’t finish and will be my lunch today) and 2 tall beers.  I’m sure I could have had more but I didn’t want to have an eating contest with one Hong Kong Phooey who was sitting two tables over, apparently on a date.  And yes, oh yes, she was wearing the Juggernaut shorts.  Happy birthday to me, here is some shame for you to remember.  We then went for some fantastic ice cream at Tody’s on Huntington St.
But the real story was broken by 7 News.  A certain Chris Onorato let everyone know that there was some Decent weather outside today.  A couple more name drops later and I was marking out.

The birthday is not over yet.  My Dad’s gift is in the mail, on its way here.  And of course Elise has something waiting for me when next I visit.  No, not that, well ok that too, but its not what I meant.

On to much more writing.  Hope you get sick of me.

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