Classic Hellions – 25 Things I would rather watch today instead of the Super Bowl.

A classic Kevin Hellions post from another site.  Originally posted February 1, 2009.

I, Kevin, have no interest in nearly all professional sports. “Hey Kevin, who’s your favorite team?”
Um, Team Hellions?! But the Super Bowl is today and I feel it is my duty, as an American, to watch it. Or its the fact that my Mom is making an awesome (did you just say awesome?) pot of chili, and there should be some good movie trailers during the CommercialBowl!!! But what else is on TV Kevin? (The Super Bowl is scheduled to run 6 – 10:30pm, anything between those times is fair game for this list.)
1. Ghost Hunters marathon until 1am on Sci Fi.
2. Clean House marathon well into tomorrow morning on Style. Yes, I like Clean House. Yes, I see the irony. Trish Suhr is pretty cute though.
3. To Catch a Predator marathon on MSNBC. Again, I see the irony.
4. WEC Best of 2008 on VS. from 6-8pm.
5. mini Doctor Who marathon on BBC America until 8pm.
6. Cheaters marathon on G4. Damn you irony!
7. Redemption Song marathon on Fuse. Hosted by Chris Jericho!
8. UFO Hunters on History channel from 7-8pm.
9. Best Damn Top 100 special on MSG from 7-8pm. Now, while I don’t do sports this, “the most stunning moments in sports” could be entertaining. No different than watching cool stuff on YouTube.
10. Monster House on Cartoon Network from 7-9pm. I’ve yet to watch this movie, what better time than now?
11. America’s Funniest Home Videos on ABC from 7-8pm. What better than a classic?
12. Wipeout from 8-10pm on ABC. America’s less enjoyable but still fun answer to Ninja Warrior.
13. The Simpsons on Fox 8-8:30.
14. American Dad on Fox 8:30-9.
15. Family Guy on Fox 9-9:30.
16. American Dad on Fox 9:30-10.
17. Groundhog Day on WGN from 8-10pm. What better way to celebrate tomorrow?
18. WEC Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver on VS from 8-10pm.
19. Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network from 9-9:30.
20. The Secret Saturdays on Cartoon Network from 9:30-10.
21. Wipeout Bowl 1 on ABC from 10-11pm.
22. Adrenaline Rush Hour on Discovery from 10-11pm.
23. Most Shocking – Dangerous Drivers 3 on truTV from 10-11pm.
24. Iron Chef America on Food from 10-11pm.
25. Spider-Man on Disney Toon from 10-10:30pm.
There we go, an easy 25 picks of something to watch other than the SuperBowl. All Kevin approved, and not one thing that any of you can argue “oh, you would never watch that.”

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