Smarked for Death – WWE Monday Night Raw November 2, 2009. Really!

Really? Really?

Last night’s show confirmed it, Raw finally has a permanent guest host, or hosts.  Triple H and Shawn Michaels!  If WWE wishes to have has been drug addicts from the eighties stumble around and try to remember lines while being a guest, they need look no further than the WWE Hall of Fame.  Nor does it make sense for a celebrity promoting a new book to promote it on Raw.  “Ozzy, its your agent.  I’ve got you booked on the Today show, Leno, Letterman, Oprah, and Monday Night Raw.”  It doesn’t flow.  Added to this the (wrong) idea that wrestling fans are illiterate simpletons.  What better market to sell a book to?  But it doesn’t matter how well our small wrestling minds can read when our authority figures/hosts can’t pronounce words!  Evan Brawn? Kobe Kingston?  It sounds like a Korean bootleg version of wrestling figures, to be sold next to the Y-Men and the Amazing Pider-Man.

But have no fear, our true leaders of Raw, D-Generation X is here to save the day.  And by save the day I mean feed Ozzy his lines on a silver platter!  Or the body of a bat as it were.  DX gets to rub up against their idols AND make them look bad, thus showing the fans that DX is cooler than everyone.  Shameless plugs, main event matches, “the greatest tag team of all time”, burying new talent, its the DX show!  You may think the show is in repeats though, as they’re doing the same routine they did over ten years ago, but a PG version of it.  I hate that DX is so over, because they haven’t been relevant in years.

But sure, Big Show and Jericho stood tall over everyone to close out the show.  That’s something!  It should be, but I feel its only building them up so they can fall that much farther.  Take the Kofi vs Randy Orton fued as an example.  At the end of this fued, even if Orton wins every match, Kofi will be raised up the WWE totem pole that much higher.  He will be that much closer to the main event level and maybe holding a World title one day.  However Jeri-Show will be knocked down by the glass ceiling known as DX and be labeled as “just” tag team champions. 

In other news, Miz and Jack Swagger look to be getting a nice fued going.  A positive career thing for both men.  Eve and the Bellas show they’re not ready for prime time.  And WWE must have some sort of lawsuit pending, or a favor due to former host Al Sharpton, because that is the only reason I see for Alicia Fox’s push. 

Finally, whenever Hollywood discovers him, Santino Marella will be gone.  He’s too good to stay in WWE.  Mark my words.


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