TOP 5: Pro Wrestlers Who Should Be Cast As Super Heroes.

TOP 5 Pro Wrestlers Who Should Be Cast As Super Heroes.

John Cena as Captain America

Lets start with what Steve Rogers has looked like for about seventy years.  Blonde buzz cut hair, all-American, the pinnacle of human strength and courage.  Cena has lived his life by the motto of hustle loyalty and respect for the last few years.  You need someone to act as a soldier?  John Cena is your man.  The Marine, 12 Rounds, Psych – even his fan base is called soldiers in the Chain Gang.  Cena could lead the Howling Commandoes just as easily as the Chain Gang.

Triple H as Conan or Thor

Take your pick on which one he should play, but he can do either.  He swings a hammer at his opponents almost every week, and he dressed up as King Conan on his throne at WrestleMania.  Added bonus for wrestling fans, Hunter would be off TV for at least six months.  Yes, he is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.  But he’s too powerful, so its nice when he goes away for a bit.  Then when he returns we all remember that he is that great.

Evan Bourne as Spider-Man

Super athletic boy next door that’s always the under dog?  I could be talking about Peter Parker or Evan Bourne.  He’s quick, lean, and knows how to sell a beating.  Let him do a shooting star press off a roof top onto a villain and I’ll see the movie ten times.  At 3D IMAX prices.  Throw in a cameo appearance of Rhino as, duh, Rhino.

Bret Hart as Wildcat

A forgotten veteran who just wants one more chance to prove there’s fight left in him.  He trained and mentored the best today, who in turn are training the next generation.  Bret came back to WWE after twelve years of tragedies.  Sure he keeps talking about the past, and how great he was.  Now all he wants is one  last battle to prove to the “kids” that he’s just as good.  Wildcat could have his own version of the Hart Dungeon set up in a gym to stretch the new breed of heroes.

CM Punk as Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Not just because I’m a ridiculous mark for both.  After seeing Punk’s recent heel work in WWE I can’t think of anyone else that could show the struggle and pain of a post zombie apocalypse world.  Punk is taking his heel work out of Paradise Lost.  Its tough to argue with him.  Yes, maybe we would be better off without the drugs and alcohol ruining our lives.  Likewise, maybe TWD survivors would be better off to kill this person or leave that person behind.  Whether its shaving your head, or cutting off your own hand Punk and Grimes easily convince people that their savior has arrived.

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