Match of the Week #1.

Eligible Shows:

Raw 2/8, ECW 2/9, iMPACT 2/11, Smackdown 2/12

Best match on Raw: Elimination match for Unified tag team titles – Miz/Big Show vs CM Punk/Luke Gallows vs DX (C)

Best match on ECW: Goldust/Yoshi Tatsu vs Trent Baretta/Caylen Croft

Best match on iMPACT!: Amazing Red vs Doug Williams (X champion)

Best match on Smackdown: Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk

Yes, I’m missing Superstars and ROH from this week.  Too late now, I’ll do better next week.

Match of the Week: Punk vs Mysterio

The trick to knowing what the match of the week is, is listening to what the IWC is still talking about a week later.  When the words “Match of the Year” are being dropped in February, you know there’s something special.  Punk and Mysterio had one of the most entertaining matches in years from both men.  It was as if a minute or so into the match Punk said, fuck this I’m going all out, and Mysterio picked up on it.  Reversals counters and high spots galore but a story too!  I enjoy an indy spot monkey fest as much as the next guy, but when the match can tell a story too its that much better.  Rumors are these two men will have a hair vs mask match at WM.  If so look for the show to be stopped and stolen from one HBK.

Runner up:  Red vs Williams

Two things going against this match.  One, Red needs to buy some real wrestling boots.  Two, I’m just not a fan of the British Invasion.  That aside, this was a hell of a match.  Two different styles that complimented each other nicely.  Also, Williams rolling suplex finisher is sick.  Even Taz said, why didn’t I think of that?

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