Smarked for Death – WWE Elimination Chamber PPV.

Two big matches with some filler in between.  Now granted, they were two big matches and this PPV was much better than December to Dismember.  Lets get to the show.

Raw Elimination Chamber:

Excellent booking work making the two Chamber matches play out totally different.  All six wrestlers were in the Raw match at the same time, leading to non stop action because there was always at least two fresh guys in the match.  Kofi lost which is to be expected.  He’ll get there one day, but no one expected it tonight.  Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton made me more excited for their future match than anything else at ‘Mania.  We know MITB and ‘Taker/HBK will be good.  Its expected.  But I’m predicting the rumored 3 way Legacy match to steal the show.  Sheamus thankfully lost the title he never deserved to begin with.  Tommy Rich is on line 1 for you Irishman.  John Cena winning was a huge surprise, as the internet told me H3 was leaving with the belt.  Not as big a surprise as Batista winning it two minutes later though.  Interesting how during the Road to WrestleMania there is no brand split.  Batista can be Raw champion, Jericho and ‘Taker show up at Raw.  Then of course we have the draft after that.  Two brands of WWE… um… most of the time.  Anyways, we’ll see where Cena and Batista take us but I’m hopeful this match will be better than their SummerSlam one.  And less injury laden as well.

Drew McIntyre continues to evolve.  Kane continues to cash a check.  Kane is just there at this point and is no longer a viable threat for any title.  Drew needs a good feud to make him.  Drew vs Jericho post-Mania could really put him on the map.

The Road to the Divas title continues.  Oh, you thought a champion would be crowned by now?  Foolish mortals.  The Beautiful People, I mean Disposable Teens, I mean the Dope Show.  What are they called?  Simply Flawless?  The estate of Rick Rude would like to speak to you Ms McCool.  Anyways, Smackdown Divas win.

Edge spears William Regal.  NXT is mentioned.  Time is eaten.

Now the Smackdown Chamber was something special.  Punk gives us long time fans everything we were hoping to see from Waylon Mercy, Jackyl, and Sean O’Haire.  Finally a cult character (pun intended) that WWE Creative has faith in.  Yeah he lost, but only to sacrifice himself for our sins.  Truth, Punk and Mysterio are eliminated from the match but everyone had their moments to look strong.  John Morrison shows he can hang with two of the best in the world.  If he qualifies for MITB he’ll be my favorite to win.  Just when it looks like the IWC is going to be wrong again Shawn Michaels appears out of a trap door (is this part of the new WWE/Mattel action figure playset line?), kicks Undertaker, and HBK’s nemesis from last year becomes the new World champion.

For a show that’s really nothing more than set up for Mania, getting all the players into their positions, the Two Towers to the Return of the King, it was a stunning PPV.  I was surprised, happy, excited for Mania, and not once felt I had wasted my time and/or money.

Oh and Undertaker got burned.  Which is bad.  But running Taker was one of the strangest, yet scariest things I’ve seen in wrestling in a long time.  And that’s saying something.

One comment

  1. I thought it was an okay show. The RAW chamber match wasn’t as good as last year’s, but the SmackDown chamber was about the same in quality. I think what really hurt the show was that it had a terrible middle. Between the two EC matches, the show felt like an episode of RAW; a title match turned into a tag match, MVP/Miz added at the last minute, and Edge coming out to make the announcement that he was going to make an announcement.Last year’s show not only had the two EC matches, but Orton/Shane and end of the JBL/HBK storyline. It was more substantial. This year was nothing more than setup.

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