Krone Meltzer’s predictions for UFC 88.

Originally published at Hellions Magazine on September 5, 2008.

Hello MMA fans, it’s Krone Meltzer here. Coming off of a 3-0 prediction
result from UFC 87, things are looking pretty damn good for me and come
UFC 88, I think that I will come out on top again with a +.500 record
following the show. It should be a good night of fights overall, so
lets get things going.

Light Heavyweight Bout
Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans

main event of the evening features the streaking “Sugar” Rashad Evans
facing off against Chuck Liddell. This is where Rashad is really
outmatched. Facing off against the just overall better Liddell, Rashad
and his “undefeated” streak is going to come to an end at the hands of
the “Iceman”. As much as I do like Rashad, I just don’t believe he can
hang with Liddell and while MMA always seems to prove us wrong, I just
believe that this Chuck is one of the, if not the hungriest fighter in
the world right now and a win here would really put him in a title
fight against Forrest Griffin down the line. While Rashad does have
some good wrestling, its not going to be enough here as I see him
lasting all three rounds with the former champion, but just coming up
short in the end.

Prediction: Chuck Liddell via. Unanimous Decision

Light Heavyweight Bout
Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill

So, for those of you who may be unaware, Matt Hamill is my favorite
fighter in the world, ever. Facing off against a former champion in
Rich Franklin would scare most people, but I don’t think Hamill is
outmatched here. Sure Rich is a former champion, but those days have
come and gone and as far as I am concerned, the younger Matt Hamill is
going to show up and beat Rich Franklin. Will it be in dominant
fashion? I don’t think so, but I believe that Hamill is going to walk
into Atlanta on a mission to prove to the world that he is for real and
he is going to do just that. What he does need to watch out for though
is Franklin getting in top position and reigning down punches on
Hamill. If Matt can stay away from this, then he should have the win

Prediction: Matt Hamill via. 2nd Round TKO

Middleweight Bout
Nate Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann

Since losing to Anderson Silva, Nate Marquardt has defeated a washed up
Jeremy Horn and lost to Thales Leites. Not exactly the best of jobs if
you want to get back into title contention, but if Marquardt thinks he
is going to have a walk in the park, he is wrong. Martin Kampmann
hasn’t lost since October of 2004 and since then has defeated the likes
of Jorge Rivera and the very same Thales Leites. While it was the
deductions that cost Marquardt the loss, that still doesn’t excuse the
loss. This should be a very interesting battle, especially with the
worlds best fighter in Anderson Silva sitting pretty with no real
challengers for his Middleweight championship. While Kampmann has the
streak going for him, I feel that Marquardt will be coming off that
loss as determined as ever to finish Martin Kampmann and end up sending
him home in a sad state with a loss.

Prediction: Nate Marquardt via. 1st Round Submission

Middleweight Bout
Dan Henderson vs. Rousimar Palhares

is Dan Henderson’s “return” fight as he comes back from his loss to
Anderson Silva, and prior to that, a loss to Quinton Jackson. While
Henderson does have the two losses, he is still the same Dan Henderson
and will prove it when he slaughters Rousimar Palhares. There is no way
that Dan Henderson walks out of UFC 88 with a loss after this fight. He
proves that he can still hang around with a crushing defeat of Rousimar
Palhares here.

Prediction: Dan Henderson via. 1st Round TKO

Welterweight Bout
Karo Parysian vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

brash and cocky Karo Parysian walks in against Yoshida. While Parysian
is coming off of a loss to the up and coming Thiago Alves, this isn’t
going to be a walk in the park for him. However, I do feel that he is
still stronger than Yoshida which is going to be the deciding factor
and lead to a victory for Karo Parysian.

Prediction: Karo Parysian via.
2nd Round Submission

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