Top 5 Olivia Munn “but”s.

We all loved her, we did.  But it appears Olivia Munn has grown beyond her role on Attack of the Show.  She knows it, the viewers know it, Alison Haislip has her fingers crossed for it.  Olivia is her own best hype, succeeding at small things but making them out to be huge.  At first it was cute.  Now though, with her departure imminent we take a look at Olivia’s best hype.

5. Olivia is on the cover of Complex magazine!

BUT… Complex always has two covers, done flip style.  Thus the need for more cover features based on necessity, not merit.

4. I’m on the cover of Playboy!

BUT… There’s only one picture of me on the inside.

3. Its Playboy’s first ever double issue!

BUT… That’s due to Playboy’s dwindling sales, which has led to them doing “stunt” covers. Like this:

2. I’m in Iron Man 2!

BUT… as a reporter (Chess Roberts) that has only been in only one issue of Iron Man.

1. I am committed to Attack of the Show and G4!

BUT… only until my sitcom is picked up for a full season.

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