Twilight Saga Eclipse DVD!!!!

….. is not coming out today.  HA!  But you can look at this blatant rip off of a DVD that is coming out today, June 29, 2010, at a store near you.

So the movie has a ghost for you.  That’s about it.  No werewolves or vampires.  The movie itself has nothing to do with Twilight, nor trying to rip it off.  However, the DVD art department is definitely trying to pull a bait and switch with the ignorant Twilight fans.  Would that be an oxymoron?  Anyways, don’t be fooled today.  And while you Twilight obsessed people are here on my site, check out the rest of the Team Hellions universe.

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and check out my fiance (who does like Twilight, but shhhh she won’t admit it) as she blogs about our wedding plans at Nerd Nuptials

and Nerd Nuptial on Twitter.

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