Comics of the Day 7/1/10. Wrestling!

Taking a few days this month to discuss comics and wrestling.  Two very similar entities that stay world’s apart.  Which is strange.  They’re the same thing, the battle between good and evil as told with spandex.

We start with the WWF BattleMania comic, published by Valiant comics in 1991-1992.  The comic lasted 5 issues.  After that Valiant became one of the biggest comic publishers of the 90s boom before imploding.

These comics are almost twenty years old, and it is professional wrestling, which means a lot of deaths.  And in these comics, you don’t come back from the dead.

Using that stellar art as a comparison, I close today’s column.  Come back tomorrow as we begin our look at wrestling comics

Comic art from 4th Letter.  Words from me.

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