Wrestling of the Day 7/2/10 2CW #50 Part 2. Isys Ephex vs. Brodie Lee.

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Order tickets for what is sure to be a legendary show, and learn more about 2CW HERE

Today we look at the #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: WINNER GETS TITLE SHOT 8/22/10
Isys Ephex VS. “Big Rig” Brodie Lee

Isys Ephex has become 2CW’s go to guy for 5 star matches.  The winner of the first Grand Prix, having defeated Nick Logan, Frankie Arion, and Hurricane John Walters in one night.  Proving the pink isn’t just for women or Harts anymore, Isys had one of the most entertaining feuds in 2CW history when he (clad in pink and camo) battled Portia Perez (clad in pink and black) on multiple occasions.  For what was initially seen as a gimmick, the matches built upon each other to captivate the loyal 2CW audience.  Bringing in a huge outside talent (like say from TNA)?  Isys is not only your man, but THE man.  He has held his own against Homicide, Desmond Wolfe (aka Nigel McGuinness)  and Samoa Joe.  Isys is your uncrowned and future 2CW world heavyweight champion.

Let’s take a look at some of Isys’s work.

Brodie Lee.  If in this ring Ric Flair is God, in a 2CW ring Brodie Lee is God.  And God is gonna cut you down.  The Big Rig himself, no one brings more intensity to the ring.  The first time you see Brodie Lee you think, that’s one big fucking dude.  He overpowers his opponent.  Brodie is tall, lanky, but the power is unmistakable.  And then…. Well, then he flies.  Brodie dives over and through the moves with a speed and height not seen in his size.  I never made the connection before, but really, he flies like a young healthy Mike Awesome, with comparable strength.  Mr All Fucking Day isn’t just a gimmick.  Brodie travels up and down the east coast, bringing pain to 2CW, Chikara, Ring of Honor, CZW and everywhere else along the way.  Already ranked #218 in the illustrious PWI 500, Brodie has no where to go but up, and he will get there by cutting everything in his path down.

Lets take a look at Brodie Lee:

Brodie’s theme.  Get used to it, the crowd goes nuts.

Brodie Lee kicks off Tim Donst’s Face.

Brodie Lee ruins Christmas

Claudio Castagnoli/Brodie Lee feud

This match will decide much of the future for 2CW.  Come out July 10, 2010 to Syracuse, NY for 2CW show #50!!!


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