Wrestling of the Day 7/3/10 2CW #50 Part 3 Zaquary Springate III VS. “Slyck” Wagner Brown.

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Submission Match!

Zaquary Springate III vs. “Slyck” Wagner Brown

Known to his fans as ZS3, Springate is the teacher of 2CW.  Trained by Killer Kowalski, Zaquary has taken that knowledge and used it to better the skills of everyone who has come through 2CW.  From the moment Manowar’s “The Crown and the King” begins its orchestral tones the fans of Squared Circle Wrestling know that the teacher has arrived.  How good is ZS3?  So good he carried Tony Atlas through a flag match.  Let me clarify.  He carried WWE Hall of Famer, “Mr USA” Tony Atlas through a flag match!  Springate can wrestle any type of match, and has.  The entire time he wrestles in singles, tag, steel cage, tables, or this Saturday in a Submission match he’s a natural.  ZS3 could teach the wanna-be’s in Second City a few things about improv.  He is never not in control of the moment and adapts to any occurrence in or outside of the ring.  Many can wrestle, some can even have a good match with a broom but only ZS3 can teach the broom how to be a better wrestler.

Now time to watch some ZS3:

Highlight video of 2CW matches


ZS3 destroys Muscle Marcos


Slyck Wagner Brown is the uncrowned pimp of Northeast wrestling.  Seriously, instead of listening to the entrance music when he comes out, listen to the ring rats.  Ladies love the man who was carved out of onyx.  And why shouldn’t they?  He may be the most successful man in 2CW history.  He’s had more titles than you’ve had pieces of ass, and he’s had more pieces of ass than he’s had titles.  That’s a lot of both.  SWB has defeated stars like Homicide and Christopher Daniels for gold.  Slyck is a former 2CW heavyweight champion, a title that he himself calls “the win that means the most”.  That’s right, even more than his NWA Cyberspace/NWA Shockwave title win.  A title he held longer than any other champion, which includes former champions Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, and R-Truth.  NWA, 3PW, Jersey All Pro — none of those title wins “mean the most”.  Slyck wants his belt back and on Saturday night July 10 one man is standing in his way, ZS3.

Lets take a look at the work of Slyck Wagner Brown:

Highlights in 2CW:

Holding his own against Antonio Thomas and Samoa Joe

Turning heel at Living on the Edge V


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