Wrestling of the Day 7/4/10 2CW #50 Part 4 Nikki Roxx vs. Portia Perez.

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Portia Perez VS. Nikki Roxx

Nikki Roxx/Roxxi

To say that a wrestler “gave it his all” has become cliche.  We all know that Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat gave every bit of strength they had every night for sixty minutes a night.   Mick Foley left his all on the floors of arenas, gyms, and bingo halls around the world.  However, to say that she gave it her all, only one woman can be described.  Nikki Roxx.  Her fans sit on all sides of the ring so the partnering chants of “Nikki!” “Roxx!” can be heard above all others.  Roxxi has bled, violently, for her fans.  Not once but twice.  Both times she came so close to winning, so close to holding a title high, only to come in second.  A bloody, broken, and yet still beautiful second.  She isn’t just another beautiful person though, Roxxi is an internationally respected ass kicker.  Just ask the likes of Ayumi Kurihara and especially Hamada.  Roxxi had to break her ankle before Hamada could beat her.  There may be no better moniker for her than the Hardcore Knockout.  While she may look quiet and small, Nikki Roxx is deceptively strong.  Not only physically, like when she stands toe to toe against giants like the 6 foot 5, near 300 pounds Max Bauer — and wins!  She is also mentally strong, as seen in her positive and graceful comments after her forced exit from TNA.  Roxxi has long been the favorite at Team Hellions.  She single handed began my girl’s love of wrestling.  An uncrowned champion and permanent #1 contender anywhere that enjoys women’s wrestling, Nikki Roxx isn’t coming to 2CW to bring some voodoo.  She’s coming to crush some barbies.

A look at Nikki Roxx:

Nikki Roxx vs. Sara Del Ray from ROH

Nikki Roxx vs. Cheerleader Melissa from JAPW

Portia Perez

Speaking of uncrowned, there is a new queen in women’s wrestling and her name is the Canadian Ninja, Portia Freakin Perez.  Don’t believe me?  Ask her opponents.  Portia is currently one half of the Shimmer tag team champions and has been since May 2009.  She was also the catalyst for one of the most shocking moments in Shimmer history when she attempted to spear the very pregnant Allison Danger.  Portia was just crowned the Queen of American (sorry, Canadian) Joshi after defeating her opponents by brutal force.  She won the first match of the tournament by referee stoppage.  The first match!  This ninja don’t play.  All 5 foot 4 of Portia made MsChif tap out.  Then there’s what Portia has done in 2CW.  PFP has taken on (and most of the time, beaten) the best 2CW throws at her.  Not only stars like Awesome Kong, Sara Del Ray, Daizee Haze and yes, even Nikki Roxx.  Portia also went toe to toe with the 2CW Grand Prix winner, Isys Ephex.  A master deceiver, Portia will take your heart, and your dollars if you’re in the front row.  Then she’ll take your pride.

Looking at Portia Perez:

The last time Portia faced Nikki in 2CW

Portia vs. Sara Del Ray from LOTE IV

Tribute to Portia


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