Wrestling of the Day 7/5/10 2CW #50 Part 5! J Freddie vs. Davey Richards.

Previous hype!

Part 1 Loca Vida vs. Colin Delaney

Part 2 Isys Ephex vs. Brodie Lee

Part 3 Zaquary Springate III vs. Slyck Wagner Brown

Part 4 Nikki Roxx vs. Portia Perez

Davey Richards, 1/2 of the 2CW Tag Team Champions VS. J Freddie

J Freddie

That picture above isn’t a joke or gimmick.  J Freddie makes believers out of marks.  Freddie takes risks that no sane man should.  Diving head butts, topes onto the ground, and he gets up!  I have watched wrestling for 25 years and no one has ever fooled me with the intensity and frequency that Freddie does.  I’ve thought he was hurt.  I’ve thought he was injured.  I even once thought he was dead.  Every time this happens Freddie gets up and takes the match to another level.  Freddie brings magic back to professional wrestling.  Seeing Freddie live is like seeing an illusionist, a ghost, a UFO:  you want to believe that what you just saw was real.  For one moment, for one instant, wrestling becomes real.  Its like being a child and watching Hogan “Hulk up”.  Its like watching Sting summoning up his last reserves of strength to rally against the IV Horsemen.  With a pre-match “Whooooooooaaaa Freddie!” from his fans (the Freddie Crew-gers?), we watch the living symbol of all our wrestling hopes and dreams.  Not only is he one of us, but he’s good at what he does.  Championship level good.  On Saturday, July 10, the 2CW faithful and Davey Richards will learn what the fans of Top Rope Promotions have already discovered.  Your future champion is here.

Looking at J Freddie:

Best of J Freddie

J Freddie vs. Muscle Marcos

Freddie vs. Jason hype

Davey Richards

Wow.  Has anyone come farther in such a short amount of time?  Anyone so deserving of it?  Richards began training in 2004 and debuted in the ring in 2005.  He removed Puma’s mask in one of Davey’s first matches.  Two years into his career Richards was picked as the protege of Japanese star, Kenta.  You want Death Matches?  Davey wrestled in one accidently.  A glass chandelier broke before his match against Jimmy Rave, and the two men wrestled anyways.  Richards was bloody, and triumphant.  Again, after only two years, Davey Richards won the illustrious ECWA Super 8 tournament in 2006.  All of this before he was a part of the biggest tag team on the international circuit, and current 2CW tag team champions, the American Wolves.  If you don’t think Richards is the man, none other than the current most controversial man in wrestling, Bryan Danielson, called Davey Richards the best wrestler in the world.  Richards responded in true wrestling fashion, by saying he already knew that and attacked the American Dragon.  Unfortunately Richards has said he will retire from wrestling at the end of the year.  If this is true, make every attempt to see him this year, especially at 2CW #50

Lets look at Davey Richards:

Top Ten Moves of Davey Richards

Davey Richards responds to Bryan Danielson

The first ever Evolve Main Event Kota Ibushi Vs Davey Richards

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