Wrestling of the Day 7/6/10 2CW #50 Part 6 Sabu vs Spike Dudley vs Necro Butcher.

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SABU VS. Spike Dudley VS. Necro Butcher


Read that name.  You can hear it, cant you?   The mix of far East music and Western rock.

The legend of SABU is so large, merely his name in print gives chills.  SABU.  The homicidal, suicidal, genocidal human highlight reel is legend.  His aura began as a whisper.  Someone in the corner whispered to you, a known wrestling fan.  Making sure there were no witnesses, he introduces you to your new drug. “Have you heard of Sabu?”  No, you say, what’s that?  Then you learn of the myth.  He is a man, we think, but no ordinary one.  He puts himself through tables, he wrestles in barbed wire.  His body is scarred and we don’t know how.  Suddenly this new phenom called Sabu collides with this new technology called the internet.  Giving strangers money through tape trading and eBay becomes a good idea.  Money is no object, for it might be an opportunity to see the intangible.  Then the tape arrives.  Everything you know about wrestling is gone.  Staying awake until 1, 2, maybe even 3AM this week to see Sabu on ECW (if MSG plays it this week).  Sabu comes out in his ghutra and parachute pants.  This is only to distract you from his body.  Some wrestlers have bodies that were chiseled out of granite.  Sabu’s was carved out of pain.  He moves in ways no gymnast would even attempt for fear of a broken neck.  That’s nothing to Sabu — been there, survived that.  Sabu’s mission is simple, he will destroy himself in order to defeat his opponent.  When a man does not fear death or injury.  When a man will cut himself twice to punch you once.  How can anyone prepare for this?

Broken Neck

Sabu vs. Samoa Joe

Sabu vs. Taz from Barely Legal

Necro Butcher

Coming out looking like a Looney Toons  hillbilly, Necro Butcher doesn’t look like much of a wrestler.  Because he isn’t.  He’s a fighter.  The best, sickest brawler in wrestling today.  Necro may be best known to casual fans as “that guy from The Wrestler”.  However, every hardcore fan knows him for their own hardcore reasons.  It could be his insane death defying brawl against Samoa Joe.  Or the equally crazy complimentary match against Low Ki.  Or being the only man to be crowned King of the Deathmatch (IWA) and Tournament of Death winner (CZW).  Necro doesn’t collect titles (although he’s won quite a few), he collects victims.  Stars like Chris Hero, Ian Rotten, “Spyder” Nate Webb have fallen before him.  Even those who have pinned him wouldn’t say they’ve beaten him.  Reading Necro’s history is like reading a list of horror movie scenes.  Everything short of bullets and knives has penetrated his body, and he comes back for more.

These are all good reasons to know who Necro Butcher is, but maybe the best description is as a warm hearted family man.  Necro isn’t dangerous because of barbed wire, light tubes, or staple guns.  He’s dangerous because this is what he has chosen to do to feed his family.  He doesn’t have opponents or rivals.  He has another man taking food away from his children.  No one is going to stand in the way of him bringing home groceries and paying rent.  If you try, you choose death.

Necro Butcher Crazy Man or Family Man?

Necro Butcher vs Samoa Joe Tribute

Necro only misses once.

Spike Dudley

Little Spike Dudley first entered our consciousness as the human super ball of ECW.  One of the smallest competitors to ever grace the worlds most famous bingo hall, Spike became Mr Refusal.  He refused to be pushed around by his brothers.  He refused to let his small stature limit his wrestling career.  He refused to back down from larger opponents.  Spike took a joke and became the giant killer of ECW.  Spike then joined his brothers in WWE and showed that he’s not just well rounded in the ring, but outside of it as well.  Spike won multiple titles in WWE – European, tag, Cruiserweight, and hardcore.  He was also a part of the memorable Spike and Molly love story, in addition to being one of the few former ECW talents to not join the Alliance.  Spike may be the smallest of the Dudleys, be he’s the Boss.  He should be treated with all the respect that such a title implies.  Spike is The Boss in 2CW.  He’s the one that helped put 2-C-W on the map and on the mat.  Spike’s selfless acts made stars out of 2CW’s homegrown talents.  His feud with Jason Axe is legend in the 315 area.  Spike has bled on every ring, floor, chair and bleacher that 2CW has used.  All for the fans.  Spike doesn’t claim to give 100% every night.  He doesn’t have to.  Spike may be small, but his work in the 2CW ring is unmeasurable.   A shower who doesn’t need to be a grower, because his show is that fucking good.

Tribute to Spike Dudley

Dudley Boys vs. Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer

2CW Presents Brother Runt vs. Isys Ephex Dog Collar Match

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