Wrestling of the Day 7/8/10 – 2CW #50 Jason Axe vs. Jimmy Olsen.

“The Main Event” Jason Axe (Champion) vs. Jimmy “Jam” Olsen (challenger) for the 2CW Heavyweight Championship.

photo credit Mark Griffin Jr

Jason Axe

With a name like the Main Event, you better be good, and Jason Axe deserves this name.  In a short time he has stepped up to everyone from King Kong Bundy (FIVE!!!) to Spike Dudley to Abyss.  Axe fools everyone.  He seems average, small, quiet.  However this is used to his advantage.  Jason has thrilled us in War Games, Ladder matches, and multiple title matches.  A natural leader in the Axe’s of  Evil.  While the fans doubted him, hell they crapped on him, Axe never gave up.  He rose up through the ranks and earned the respect of the fans and every other wrestler in 2CW.  He’s one of the rare wrestlers to hate and applaud at the same time.  Even when he defeats your favorites (J Freddie or Isys Ephex) a standing ovation is in order for his work.  Still not getting the respect he deserves, every fan expects Axe to lose the belt every time, Jason rises yet again to surprise us all.

Loser Leaves 2CW match, Jason Axe vs. Spike Dudley

Jason Axe summons the power of lightning!

Freddie vs. Jason

Jimmy Olsen

Yes, we hate him.  Maybe because he was formerly aligned with Upstate.  Or because he hates us.  Or because he’s brothers with Colin Delaney.  Mostly because he’s shirking his duties at the Daily Planet.  But all of this is just to toy with you.  Olsen manipulates the fans by being awesome one match and an asshole the next.  His work as Equinox is astounding.  Then his 2CW matches as Olsen require toilet paper.  A master heel, able to rile up the crowd with a look or a word.  Front row or back row, Jimmy Jam will make you get out of your seat and risk expulsion.  He’s that great a heel.  A former 2CW champion, Olsen began to fall from grace when he suffered an ankle injury.  Now a year later a newly hundred percent Jimmy Olsen wants that title back.  Checking my signal watch, Jason Axe is in trouble.

Jimmy Olsen vs. Jerry Lawler promo

Not only can he wrestle, he can dance too!

The Top Ten Moves of Equinox (Jimmy Olsen)

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