Hellion-thon This Thursday.

You may have come here to Team Hellions looking for more original posts on wrestling and comics.  But there have not been any for awhile.  This is for two reasons.  One, an unbearably warm apartment and the desire to not sweat all over my keyboard.  But two, and most importantly, the Hellion-thon on Thursday.  Thursday is the one year anniversary of the biggest day for this site.  Over 10,000 hits.  This will be an attempt to break that record.  What’s going on?  Here’s a preview.

Yes, I’m a whore for views, so all the WWE Divas Playboy pictures will be posted on here.  That will be around midnight so they can bring hits to the site all day.  All Day!

Also, all of the old Hellions Magazine YouTube videos are being transferred over to the Team Hellions account.  These videos will be posted en masse here on Thursday.

Tons of cool nerdy things will be spotlighted in the Geek Attic columns.  Look for pictures and videos of amazing things you never knew existed and will now want.

The terrible quality video I took of Ring of Honor’s newest star, J Freddie, taking on Davey Richards at 2CW’s Show 50.  Maybe the best match I’ve seen all year.

Comic reviews, wrestling reviews, and lots of ideas I’ve been sitting on.

Plus, hopefully, some guest columns.

Here’s a random picture so this post has an image to display in links!

Thank you and see at least 10,000 of you on Thursday!

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