Top 5 Reasons Allison Scagliotti Needs to Play Cassie Hack.

Who can play this character?  Find out why Allison Scagliotti is the perfect actress after the break.

1. She wants to!  Allison has said in multiple interviews that she would love to play the lead of Cassie Hack in the forthcoming Hack/Slash movie.

2. Tim Seeley wants her to!  Tim writes Hack/Slash and has become BFFs with Allison over Twitter.  He has also said numerous times that she is perfect for the role.

3. She’s already a hit with the Comic Con audience.  Whether its on Warehouse 13 or appearing on Smallville as  Jayna of the Wonder Twins.  There’s your built in audience that could make Hack/Slash a massive hit.

4.  She’s fought monsters before!  Allison appeared on an episode of Destination Truth and chased ghosts in a haunted mining town.  Host Josh Gates praised her work and bestowed her the adorable nickname “Scags”.

5.  Just look at her!  From the hair, the perfect age for the role all the way to her outfits on Warehouse 13.  Scags comes pre assembled to kick some serial ass as Cassie Hack.

Pictures of Allison to prove my point!


  1. Yes! Scags is amazing! As is Destination Truth AND Warehouse 13. We so need her as Cassie Hack. She has the best attitude and is incredibly adorable. Plus, Josh Gates loves her, too. And he is the embodiment of awesome.

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