Smarked for Death – Monday Night Raw 7/26/10 Review.

There were two big things I want to discuss about tonight’s episode.  But first, the rest of the episode, which could be a TNA PPV as it was all about sacrifice.  Sacrificing less popular talent to the bigger stars.  This week’s Raw had a lot of old Wrestling Challenge squash style booking.

Jimmy and Jey Uso were sacrificed to Randy Orton.  I’m surprised Tamina didn’t get an RKO as well.  How many RKOs were there tonight?  Jey, Sheamus, and Miz.  I wonder what the record is for RKOs in one night.

The WWE B-team was sacrificed to Nexus.  Did Jerry Lawler really have to be put in this match?  Is the Raw talent pool running that low?  Who was on Superstars this week?  I’m sure Santino, Vladimir, Primo, Regal or Zack Ryder would enjoy some primetime TV time.  I’ll bet 4 out of the 5 had a tag match taped for Superstars.  Also, what was up with the Goldust chant tonight?  Is Texas still Dusty country?

Final sacrifice took place with the Divas.  Alicia took out the Bellas and Jillian Hall.  She’s built up to be a major heel, and its working.  Now if only she could find some competition that would raise her talent level.  No, not Eve.  Can’t anyone else see Gail Kim hiding back there waiting for her time?

Now to the main points.  Point the first, a major John Cena storyline is brewing underneath the other stories.  Many months ago Carlito confronted Cena and said that many in the back are sick of Cena.  The Nexus attacks began with Cena.  Now, Chris Jericho turns his back on Cena.  Eventually Cena is going to find himself with no friends and decide the only person he can trust is himself.  Not the other wrestlers, and especially not the fans.  Imminent heel turn, ahoy!

John Cena is frustrated.

Most weeks the act of analyzing Raw hurts the brain, this week revealed many well booked layers in the main event.  Like a giant sweaty possibly drug enhanced onion.

John Cena teams with Jericho to build up unity going into SummerSlam.  Cena has no problem beating up Sheamus or the Miz.  Either one could be champion next time Cena goes for the belt.  All is good here for Cena.

All of the other men in the match are known to be ego centric.  By being in a match with 3 other men, all of whom are main event level, careers can be furthered.  Pinning anyone else in this match, especially Sheamus, would immediately move that man into a #1 Contender slot.  Or at least into a match for that slot.  Sheamus gets to scout his no doubt future opponents.

If I can play Matt Striker for a moment.  Take Chris Jericho’s spot in this match for example.  Chris can wrestle against the WWE Champion and the US Champion.  Should he decide to go after either belt in the near future he has recent knowledge of the wrestlers who currently own those titles.  Maybe Jericho noticed something in the way Sheamus reacted to a punch, maybe he caused a slight injury to the Miz.  Either of these things could be exploited in a future match, especially when a title is on the line.  As for John Cena?  The Red Skull will take any opportunity to be near Captain America in order to learn some of his secrets.

The other major point is about Nexus.  But that will come in the next column, as I feel its worth its own entry.

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