Adventure Comics 516 Review.

I have never read a Legion of Superheroes story before, and this one doesn’t make me want to start.

I think its a Legion origin story through their founder, RJ Brande.  But are they discovering this history for the first time themselves as well?  Brande has some cool stories, shape changer, a star starter!  Let me say that again.  Planets would hire him to come to their solar system and start their dwarf or dead stars into huge burning life giving balls of gas.  Now that’s a fucking story!  I’ll read about that guy for years.  Think of the adventures someone like that would have.

Oh, Brande is also Chameleon Boy’s father.  Is this a major reveal?  I couldn’t tell and honestly didn’t care enough.  Much more interesting was the hint of a love story between Chameleon Boy and Brainiac 5.  Oh its there.

The backup feature with the Atom (Ray Palmer version) was interesting as hell!  Ray tries to stop the Calculator.  But the original ways in which his powers are used are stunning.  “Flash is always first on the scene, but I’m always second.”

The Atom can ride the tubes of the internet anywhere in the world.  But as the speed of information gets faster, he must become faster too, to avoid a cyber catastrophe.  Much like a terrible direct to DVD horror movie, if the Atom dies in the internet, he dies for real.  Not that it matters if the Calculator kills him first.

“Meh” main story, great secondary story.

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