Grimm Fairy Tales Neverland 3 Review.

Is this more than just a pretty cover?

Every bit of dialogue in this is exposition or terrible banter.  Its really really bad.  Half way through the issue though I realized what the hell was going on and was pissed.  What an awesome idea!  However, its stunted by bad writing.  Really, it just makes my head hurt.

The idea of Peter Pan being a bad guy and Captain Hook teaming up with Wendy to rescue the Lost Boys is fantastic.  This is something I could lose myself in for days.  But every page has a bit of head shaking bad dialogue.  At least its a quick read.  Maybe it would read better when collected, as this is the first issue I read of the series.

The art is to Zenescope’s usual hot girl standards.  Seriously, the words, “sexy Tiger Lily” have never been put together in my head before.

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