Marvel Adventures Super Heroes 2 Review.

I know I shouldn’t ask for things to make sense in an All Ages non-continuity book but WTF?!

The story is that Galactus has put up an ad online seeking a new herald.  Firestorm comes down to confirm this, and say all that people have to do to apply is donate their prized possessions.  By page 4, I’ve guessed that this is all an elaborate hoax and some small villain is behind the deception to get the “prized” items.  Probably Mysterio.  Oh look, I’m right.  But Mysterio was actually working for a fat computer nerd named “Greg Broglow”.  (Broglow?  Blog-row?)  Its a dig against the internet fans, so out of place in 2010 I thought WWE Creative wrote this comic.

The larger point is when does this take place?  Sue Storm is wearing a never before seen outfit.  Is it her Avengers outfit in this version of Marvel Universe?  More importantly, what Marvel U is this?  I’ll call it the MU69, because everyone is trying to fuck everyone else.  (Actually Earth-20051.)  Nova, Iron Man, and Captain America all have a thing for Black Widow.  She’s fine with it because “dumb boys are cute”.

Careful there Nova, she’s the one who’ll be eating you.

Oh BTW, the reason the Avengers realized Galactus wasn’t the real one?  “Galactus doesn’t talk.”  Oh.  My bad.  I thought it would have been something like, Galactus doesn’t hang out in an empty warehouse somewhere in the tri-state area.  Black Widow, can you put me out of my misery?!

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