World War Hulks: Spider-Man vs. Thor 1.

Because the Hulk is known for being an intelligent character.

For whatever reason, these Hulked Out Heroes are childlike.  Not a Planet Hulk smart Hulk, but the brute.  Thor and Spider-Man are both having flashbacks to their youth.  Peter Parker got beaten up for reading.  Odin yelled at young Thor for not getting along with his brother, who liked to read.  I smell conflict!

There’s a bit of fighting, then Spider-Hulk stops to read.  But the Hulk of Thunder says thee nay.  “Thor will teach little Spider lesson he cannot read!”  And that’s where the issue ends.

IceHulk and Hulklops battle each other over Iceman’s immaturity.  While Hulklops is a great design, this is also awful.

No one loves a good dumb fight more than me.  King Kong vs. Godzilla is one of my favorite movies.  But this, this is just awful.

Save your money, save yourself.

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