AOTS Comic-Con Panel Review.

You can watch (most) of the panel HERE, like I did.  But I’ll save you the hour of your day.

Kevin is the master MC of the panel.  Witty jokes, keeps the questions moving, keeps his co-workers on track and monitors the ongoing AOTS Bingo game that was going on at the time.  Grade A+.

Olivia’s long rumored lack of geek credentials comes screaming out every time she opens her mouth.  What should have been an easy question, “what game would you like to see remade”, magically transformed Ms Munn into a deer gob-smacked by headlights.

Alison Haislip and Olivia appear to hate each other.  Alison doesn’t respond to Olivia’s questions saying, “you’re too far, I can’t hear you”.  Yet she can hear Kevin who is sitting farther away from her.

Blair Butler is brilliant, articulate and humble.  She has something intelligent to say every time she opens her mouth.  She needs her own show.  Half hour Fresh Ink every week.

Want to know how great Blair is?  The only nice thing Olivia says all panel is a compliment to Blair.

Finally, the superhero green screen video that BOTH Kevin and Olivia were off the show for a week to shoot, is not on the streaming coverage.  Nor has it been on  AOTS yet.

Random pics of nice girls to close.

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