Chewing on Comics – Birds of Prey 3.

Damn that Ed Benes draws one hell of an ass.

Booties of Prey

Coming into this series with this issue was confusing.  Penguin gets to have sex with all the Birds?  No, only a dream sequence.

Do Penguins dream in black and white?

The White Canary makes the BoP choose which one of their friends will live — Hawk or Oracle.

I’d go with Hawk.  Nothing against Oracle.  I love the character, and I’m one of the few people in the world who really enjoyed that Brave and the Bold issue a few months ago.  But Hawk is so awesome in this issue!  Tough as hell, and laid back to so near a fault.  He treads that line as fine as possible, between not worrying and not caring.  Its not that Hawk isn’t worried there’s a tank coming towards them.  Its that he’s Hawk and no tank will stop him.

Does SWAT have a tank?

Dinah has figured out who White Canary is, but what does that matter when WC isn’t the big bad?  The Birds look at their lowest.  Sure its to be collected in a 6 issue package.  I don’t care.  Sure we’ve seen teams beaten down with no idea who’s doing it before.  But its been years since I’ve seen it so well written.  Beautifully drawn too, but you already knew that.

And if you’re going to have someone talking about pissing themselves in a DC book, this is how its done.

No, I'll void MY bowels on YOU!

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