Chewing on Comics – Daredevil 508.

Holy shit!  Do you know what’s going on with the Man Without Fear?  Its been a couple years for me, but now I want to read everything DD in one sitting.  This is some good stuff!

After numerous battles, wars, deaths and other tragedies Daredevil has decided it is up to him to save the world (his part of it) and declares Marshall Law on Hell’s Kitchen with old Hornhead in charge.  One man, even one without fear, cant do this alone.  Professor Farnsworth tells me, “good news!”  Daredevil is now leader of The Hand.  Sorry, LORD Daredevil.  Yeah.  How bad ass is that?

Daredevil isn’t going to stop with Hell’s Kitchen though.  He wants to be the Law for  all of the City.

Until we're established as New York's protectors.

Daredevil beats up the bad guys, hangs them up, and all but scares the piss out of them.  (Maybe, there would be piss if Kevin Smith was still writing DD.)  The Man Without Fear is now the man who causes fear.


All along I wonder, what drives a man like this?  I should have asked, what possess a man like this?

That's not the 'Devil I know.

When someone needs to bring DD down, there is only one option.  The person who has already dropped him down to his knees, in many ways, over and over again.

No Skrulls here. Elektra is back bitches.

DD may have not been a large part of Marvel crossovers.  He didn’t have to be.  He’s been plotting all this time, and now Daredevil is a force (threat?) not to be ignored.  Who will be the new man without fear?  Who knows.  The more important question is what will happen to the old one.  Is DD turning heel?  He’s always balanced between the angels and the devils.  One side may have finally won.  Why should Hornhead be a second or third tier good guy (come on, he’s never even been an Avenger!) when he can reign in hell.

5 Star Savory meal of Daredevil.  Must buy.

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