Mike Mizanin…. Rise!

OR… The Making of a Main Event Player.

This past week on Raw, the Miz (born Mike Mizanin) cemented his place in the WWE main event.  Sure, this has been coming for awhile.  But maybe its all been a ruse.  Maybe the Miz will be the first Money in the Bank winner to not win the title.  After this week, that’s unlikely as hell.

The Miz’s path to WWE Stardom has been rocky, sure.  He showed up in 2004’s oft forgotten Million Dollar Tough Enough.  Miz came in second to the never seen again Daniel Puder.

Miz then went on to host the WWE Divas Search.  At least that’s what you think.  In reality Miz was offered a WWE Developmental deal.  He went on to become the first Deep South Wrestling heavyweight champion.  Less than a year into his WWE career he was given a ball to run with.  Sure, it was a minor league ball.  But a WWE owned minor league ball.

Miz was scheduled to debut on Smackdown, until “network executive” Palmer Cannon cancelled him.  You find yourself asking, who?  That’s right.  Yet another person that looked to put one over on the Miz.  Only to fall into the abyss known as future endeavors.

Miz debuts finally in Summer of 2006 as a Smackdown and Divas Search “host” along with Ashley Massaro.  Who?  That’s right.  Another one that fell behind the Miz machine.  (And for the right amount, and a call to her agency, she can fall behind or in front of you as well.)

Miz was put into matches against less than credible opponents.  Men like the Boogeyman and Snitsky picked up wins over Miz.  He was still seen as “that MTV guy”.  Some fans started to see the desire and potential.  They saw Miz as that kid that wont give up.

Like any competitor with loads of potential but not enough crowd reaction, Miz was paired up with some ladies.  (See, Ted DiBiase Jr.)  Miz rose up the ranks on ECW until November of 2007 when he and John Morrison became WWE tag team champions.  In just over 3 years the goofy guy on the Real World had become a WWE champion.  John Cena also took 3 years.  Shawn Michaels took four years before winning a WWE title (this is ignoring the tag team title match where the turnbuckle broke).  The WWE already felt that he deserved a title.  He was in one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history, Miz and Morrison.  Not only was their in ring work improving by their desire to one up each other.  They also took over the internet, and the Dirt Sheet became the most successful show in WWE.com history.  The only WWE.com show to make its way onto the TV shows.

Miz and Morrison ended their partnership during the 2008 WWE Draft.  The Miz was banished from Raw, but came back the next week as the “Calgary Kid” and won a Contract on a Pole match against Eugene.  (Yet again, someone who was once pushed but is now gone.  Yet the Miz is still here.)  The next week Miz was reborn.  New ring attire, new finisher, new attitude.  It was now time for the Miz to be taken seriously.

From October 5, 2009 until the present, less than 30 days (May 17-June 14) has gone by without Miz as a champion.  Whether it be the Unified tag team titles or the United States title, Miz has been decorated in gold for almost an entire year.  No one else in the modern era of wrestling has done that.  Titles change at every PPV, every Raw, every Smackdown.  But the Miz retains.

Now he is the carrier of the Money in the Bank briefcase.  Whether it be Sheamus, Randy Orton, John Cena or anyone else, Miz will win.  The fans are solidly behind him.  He received the loudest pop on this past week’s Raw.  WWE is behind him.  Hell, even JBL, wrestling’s biggest asshole, is behind the Miz.

From changing outside the locker room, to changing the WWE, there is no stopping the rise… of The MIZ!!!

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