Smarked for Death – WWE SummerSlam 2010 Review.

Yes, we know what everyone wants to talk about.  But lets get through the rest of the card first.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston was a fair match that would have probably ended with Dolph retaining the title and building himself up as a credible star.  Instead Nexus attacks.

Alicia Fox vs. Melina could have been a great match that reminded fans of how awesome Melina is as a Diva.  Instead Melina seemed to injure herself again.  Alicia is still green in the ring (but getting better) and Melina is sure to have some ring rust.  These two factors added up to no chemistry between the two and a lackluster match.  LayCool’s random appearance, and next month’s Night of Champions PPV fuels rumors of a unification title match.  I look forward to typing in WWE Divas threesome in the build up to that PPV.

CM Punk wins me over yet again with the coolest t-shirt this side of Greg Valentine.  It was a fun match, well booked, but there was never any question how it would end.  Show had to win to get his revenge.  Punk running away could lead to a new SES story, but neither Gallows nor Mercury is popular enough to survive a Straight Edge Split.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton should have raised Sheamus’s status in WWE.  Instead, a chair was brought in, Sheamus gets disqualified but is allowed to keep his title.  Isn’t this how his first title reign went?  Dear WWE Creative, if your stars aren’t willing to get pinned by your champion maybe he shouldn’t be your champion.  Surprised that Miz didn’t tease cashing in the MITB briefcase after Sheamus got taken out.  Speaking of the RKO, the coolest thing in this match was Sheamus avoiding the RKO depending on the camera angle.  The announcers thought Orton hit it, but the other camera showed Sheamus avoiding it.  Nice move which was probably accidental.

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio is what happens when WWE becomes too predictable.  Everyone knew Undertaker was going to come out of that casket.  The crowd could not have cared about the match, until the casket was opened.  They all knew what was coming, and waited to get there.  Undertaker looked like shit, but as he is still “injured” maybe this will lead to a very human Undertaker trying to gain revenge against the “supernatural” Kane.

7 on 7 Match Random Thoughts.

Skip Sheffield is about to become a monster.  A chair shot plus two finishing moves to take his place?!  Don’t bother coming back Batista, we filled your spot.

Miz has become WWE’s biggest heel.  No longer does he need gimmicks, or titles.  Expect to see Daniel Bryan winning the US title soon, but in a way that the Miz still looks strong.

John Cena should not have gotten up from that DDT on the floor.  Either pin him, or don’t do the move.  Chris Evans was already cast as the Super Soldier, Cena is just a man.

R-Truth’s suplex stunner should be built up more.  Its one of the coolest looking moves in a long time.  Should be seen as an instant pin.

The cheers for Daniel Bryan’s return were drowned out by the cries of every indie promoter in the country crying over lost money.  Glad to have him back on Raw though.  Bryan should talk to Evan Bourne.  Find out how fast a push can go away.

The show was not worth the money, besides the main event.  However, it has created months of stories in WWE.  Undertaker vs. Kane, Punk vs. SES, Team WWE vs. each other, Miz vs. Bryan, and Nexus regrouping.  Nexus isn’t done yet.  There’s 8 NXT season 2 Rookies that are going to need a purpose.  Plus Smackdown moves to Syfy soon and will need an exciting storyline to kick it off.  Oh, don’t forget, Wade Barrett still has a title shot.

Pass on SummerSlam but stay tuned to the WWE weekly shows as things heat up.  Buy the PPV in a couple weeks on DVD though, it is worth the $15.

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