Smarked for Death – WWE Monday Night Raw 8/16/10.

I realize that many of you who watch wrestling don’t read comics.  But comics are the only way I can explain this week’s Raw.

After a massive battle there was always the breather issue.  Everything slows down for an issue, some talk and character development takes place, and in the next issue its back to battles.  Much like this classic issue of Uncanny X-Men where Professor X regains temporary use of his legs and roller blades with Jubilee.  Sounds dumb, but the issue is memorable and well written.

This week’s Raw is a break from Summerslam and a pause before building up Night of Champions.  Things do happen, but it didn’t have the intensity of previous weeks.

John Cena kills Heath Slater’s career tonight with the Wendy’s joke.  Don’t be surprised if Heath dyes his hair soon.

Cena also seems to have taken a liking to Darren Young.  The black John Cena got the best one liners from Super-Cena and was walked through his best match yet.  Young isn’t that good, but Cena (very loudly) carried him through the match and Young was better because of it.

Reading my notes, I thought I wrote that Chris Jericho used a cock blocker.  I had written Code Breaker.  Carrying on…

If Justin Long is going to be guest host of Raw I could give a shit about him but I’d pay a fortune to see his character from Zack and Miri Make a Porno appear on Raw.  Stupid TV-PG.

You shut your whore mouths.  I think the new WWE Tag Team Titles are gorgeous.

It looks new and classic.  Shiny and big as hell.  And also, surprisingly planned out in advance.  You can already order your foam copy of it.

Daniel Bryan had to lose tonight, but still look strong.  The interference of Miz and Alex Riley made sense.  Miz vs. Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions could be a Match of the Year.  Hopefully it happens.  Oh, and good job winning the challenge on NXT last week Riley, hope you enjoyed your run in.

Why have Bret Hart in matches if he cant wrestle?  Granted, I think the same thing about Great Khali.  He’s the most protected man in WWE.  Oh look, here comes Sheamus.

Randy Orton looks cut.  Bruce Lee cut.  Most bad ass I’ve ever seen him.

The next one on one, Team WWE vs. Team Nexus match is… a tag team match?  Where’s that list again?  Add David Otunga to the list of protected Superstars.  Never break up with Jennifer Hudson sir, or you will no doubt be out a job.  Skip on the other hand is being built up as a huge monster.  I think he has the most potential aside from Wade.

A Divas match happened.

The second count out win for Nexus takes place!  What the hell?  Is this lazy booking?

Shock!  It isn’t.  It made sense in David Young’s match.  He went for the count out victory after seeing his fellow Nexus members win in similar fashion.  This actually worked.  I felt bad for Young.  NXT Season 2 ends in a couple weeks.  I’m predicting a huge Nexus expansion in a couple weeks.

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  1. I totally agree with your assessment of Raw this week. Lazy booking! How is Nexus suppose to look strong with count out and DQ wins? I think that many will be surprised with how good the Miz/Bryan feud will be. They are a good complement for each other – Miz is great at hyping the match and Bryan will steal the show with his in ring abilities. Great Blog!

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