Bam! Pow! Comics Aren’t Just for Motherfuckers Anymore!

The Philadelphia Inquirer (circulation of half million on Sundays) had an article John Arcudi’s new comic a god somewhere in Sunday’s edition.  Either some editor messed up huge, or in the many budget cuts that newspapers have had over the years the Inquirer got rid of their editors.  More than likely what happened is some editor thought comics = kids stuff.  This lack of editing led to the word “motherfucker” appearing in huge type in the Sunday paper.

Here’s what should happen:  The writers and editors of this paper’s pop culture section should be fired for their lack of knowledge of pop culture.  Especially comic books in pop culture.  The Dark Knight is the third biggest movie in history and was rated PG-13.  Watchmen was one of the most hyped movies ever, and led to the graphic novel topping best seller lists 23 years after its initial release, and was rated R.  Heroes was a popular, and violent, show.

Kick Ass, The Walking Dead, Blade, Hellboy, and more have R, PG-13, or TV-MA ratings.  And yet, and yet, there is still this idea that comics are for kids.

No.  No they are not.  There are comics that are for kids, yes.  But saying comics are for kids is like saying movies are for kids, or books, or magazines, or music.  It ignores the fact that this is a type of media which can take hundreds of forms for dozens of different audiences.  In a bookstore there is fiction and non fiction.  Then fiction further divides into literature, sci-fi, romance, horror, fantasy, chick lit, etc.  Sci-fi can divide into classic, military, steampunk, space opera, new wave and more.  Yet there is only comics.  Its taken until the last couple years to finally have a division between comics, comic strips and manga.

Comics haven’t been just for kids for over 30 years.  Its time that becomes a well known fact and not a lazy headline.

Here’s what probably will happen:  Overprotective parents with nothing better to do will now establish a witch hunt against all comics.  Ignoring the fact that little Johnny wanting the new Superman comic is worlds away from him stumbling upon a god somewhere.  This same parent will see nothing wrong with little Johnny’s sleepovers to watch Saw, drink Red Bull by the case, and searching “boobies” on the family computer.  By all means, attack my all in color for a dime world with your black and white ignorance.


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