Timeline of Life Changes.

This started with me thinking, “why do  I still have a Yahoo! e-mail account?”  Worse, I have multiple accounts.  Time to delete them so I no longer receive e-mails from Nigerian royalty who want to lengthen my penis with a free iPad.

However, what can’t be denied is looking at your e-mail as a snapshot of your life.  I forgot about people, places, and feelings.  Its an evolution of myself into an adult.  It also reveals a big picture.  Some things I’ve improved on, others I still have problems with.  But looked at en masse I see many small steps that were nothing at the time and led to a life unthought of just a few years ago.

It began with an e-mail on February 12, 2003.  I had gone back to a community college where almost 5 years earlier I had already earned my Associates Degree.  Having no faith in myself, I chose to “test the waters” by taking two classes for no reason just to see if I wanted to be in school again to pursue a higher degree.   One of the requirements of the education class I was taking was to observe other classes.  Thinking that this could kill two birds, I could observe a class at a university to a) satisfy this assignment and b) see if attending this university would be for me.  An e-mail was sent to observe the class, approval was given and 4 days later I sat in a real college classroom for the first time in my life.  (This is not an insult on 2 year schools, but there is a vast difference between community colleges and universities.  I also realize there is a large difference between state universities and ivy schools.  But this is not about the elite colleges, this is about me.)

Going back to my 2 classes schedule at the community college, I did what anyone desperate to show that they are an adult about to make a major change in their life does…

I dropped out.

This image courtesy of "dropping out" Google image search.

Yes, for some reason this seemed to make the most sense to me.  I’ll drop out of this hectic schedule, do nothing until August when any college would want a recent drop out to join their ranks.  I didn’t even properly drop out.  I stopped going.  If anyone wonders what the difference between those two terms are it is this:  officially dropping out means you have to pay less.  Merely not going to class anymore means you are still financially responsible for the entire semester.  If I could play or sing a note this would be a great FreeCreditReport.com commercial.

Serving chowder and iced tea.

More tomorrow as I review my life through e-mails.

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