Top New Comic Book Covers for September 1, 2010.

Holy shit its a new month.  Also a slow week for comics.  How slow?  I don’t even have a hot girl cover for you this week, that’s how slow.

As always, covers link to where you can buy these books as well.

Speaking of cheesecake, the closest I have for you in Scarlet #2.  Not bad, if you like hot chicks that will blow you…r brains out.

There’s also a lot of bad covers this week too.  Starting with The Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #2 with Wolverine leaping towards us!  In fact, its so spectacular that every other hero stops to watch this feat.  They even ignore the gigantic floating head of Magneto!

The cover for Brightest Day #9 looks like it was painted with mud.

“What’s that over there, Uncle Sam?”  “Why that’s Polaris, the North star!”  Freedom Fighters #1 fails to excite.

Secret Six #25 is a great idea with a terrible drawing.  This looks like early teen fan art.

Oh I see the 90’s are back.  I’m surprised Shadowland #3 doesn’t also come with a foil cover variant.

Apparently with the advance technology of the Marvel 616 Universe and such minds as Reed Richards and Tony Stark, they are still behind on their video game technology.  Can someone get Amadeus Cho a Nintendo DS?!  This cover of Heroic Age Prince of Power #4 is behind the times.

Ryan Reynolds next comic book based movie will be I, Zombie #5.

But what is good this week?  Sadly, I’m down to only 3 titles.

Amazing Spider-Man #641 is a stunning cover that would be that much better if it wasn’t tied to a terrible story arc.

In a week where Deadshot gets a shitty cover its amazing to see Crossfire on this striking cover for Hawkeye & Mockingbird #4.  Taking a C to D list villain and giving him this starring role is impressive.  Even I got caught up in the Crossfire.  Crossfire!

Hey, Freedom Fighters.  You want to know how to do an issue 1 cover?  Take a look at Taskmaster #1.  If you know who Taskmaster is, then this title is a must buy.  If you don’t, then how can you look at that cover and say no?  He screams bad ass.  Much more so than this week’s covers featuring Punisher, Wolverine, or Ghost Rider.

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