Top New Comics Covers for September 9, 2010.

Big week this week.  As always images are from and you can order all your books from there as well.

28 Days Later #14 is one of the best zombie covers I’ve seen in a long time.  Is it trapped in there by itself?  If not, what about the poor people trapped with it.  Is it even trapped at all?  No matter the answer, this is about to be a bad day for someone.

Adventure Comics #518 has one terrifying cover.  Even knowing its Superboy and thus this is most likely a Doomsday exhibit is still scary.  He’s Super-BOY and the fear of death is not any easier even knowing he’ll come back from it.

Batgirl #14 once again puts Batgirl at the top of the cheesecake pile.  These covers are always beautiful and always among the best of the week.

Batman #703 is the day that the bat-aliens invaded Earth.  They came down in 3 beams of light and were decorated in primary colors.

Doom Patrol #14 is either an old Superman or (more likely) an old man who has harnessed Superman-like powers.  Bad news rising.

Greek Street #15 is one of the most violent, creepy, and fascinating covers ever.  I’ve never read an issue of this comic but I may want this cover more than anything else this week.

Invincible Iron Man #30 is the most James Bond type cover Tony Stark has ever had.  Absolutely gorgeous and with a touch of danger to it.

Thor #614 gives a better Mephisto based cover than the last few years of Amazing Spider-Man.  The double image of Mephisto is a fantastic touch as well.

Worst cover of the week goes to New Avengers #4.  Could the positioning of the new main objects on this cover be any worse?

Spider-Man is about to take a massive dump or pass a stone.  Either way its about to get painful.  So are the following Spider-Man based puns for this cover.

One More Bidet.

Kraven’s Last Squat

Maximum Commode-age

The Corn Saga

The Name of the (Doesn’t Smell Like a) Rose

The Deadly Fumes of Spider-Man

and finally… Torment.

The best cover of the week breaks my usual rules.  Even if the cover is spectacular, I don’t include graphic novel covers on here.  Single issues only.  However, this is an OGN (original graphic novel) with lots of sexy fan-service art.  All this to cover up the fact that the book is actually really really good.  Empowered Volume 6 is the continuation of the series that should have been a joke but became one of the best superhero books out there.

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