Top New Comic Covers for September 15, 2010.

Covers come from and you can order the books there as well.  I may start looking for a different site to link to as I find more and more books that I’m sure I’ve seen before show up on their “new releases” lists.  Plus I seem to miss a cover or two every week.  Anyways, for now that’s where you can find the picks, now lets find out what the picks are.

Birds of Prey #5 is a stunning use of tone.  Looks very similar to recent Batgirl covers, and that’s not a bad thing.

Fables #98 is also rich in the light colors.  Its like a warm fuzzy piece of propaganda.

Not all covers can be great though.  Captain America Patriot #1 for example.

I think he’s holding the body of Ted Kord.

Heroic Age Heroes (One Shot) is the happiest group of heroes you’ve ever seen.  If Doctor Doom’s mask could grin he’d be cracking metal right now.

Sometimes a cover is great, only when there is knowledge of the characters.  The cover of X-Factor #209 isn’t anything that special.  Until you realize that its Longshot in Vegas!  Now that’s an amazing cover and a shock it has never been done before.

The rest of this week’s covers have something a little fucked up about them.  Its the top 5 fucked up countdown to cover of the week.

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #2 has a brilliant use of red against white.  Also one of the best drawn Red Lantern blood spews ever.

Hellblazer #271 shows what would happen if a demon grabbed a Twilight fan.  This… thing, is about to do some damage to her virgin ass and all she is worried about is getting the TwitPic of it.  Sorry lass, but you’re about to join the fucked up world of Team Constantine.

Deadpool #27 is another amazing instant classic “who the fuck comes up with this?” work featuring Deadpool.

G. I. Joe Cobra II #6 stars Cobra’s answer to Beachhead.  The trainer of Vipers, “the apex predator known as Skull Buster”. One of the nastiest looking GI Joe creations in a long time and sure to be an instant fan favorite.

What can be more messed up than all of that?  Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher #4.  Conan Punisher and Red Mary Jane!  There is no way for any Marvel Zombie to pass up that cover.  Keep your Franken-Castle, this is how to do a horror monster story with the Punisher.

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