Smarked for Death – WWE NXT 9/7/10.

The first episode of the all Divas edition of NXT Season 3.  Including new theme music and color palate.

Matt Striker introduces the Pros, who introduce their Rookies.

NXT Rookie Maxine in a photo shoot for True Sin clothing.

Kelly Kelly and Naomi

The Bella Twins and Jamie

Primo and AJ

Alicia Fox and Maxine

Goldust and Aksana

Vickie Guerrero and Kaitlyn

Matt Striker announces that this will be a 3 month journey.  On what channel?  If NXT becomes an online only show, believe me, there are thousands of other sites where I can watch women wrestle.

The NXT Rookies introduce themselves to the audience.  Kaitlyn is the class clown (with boobs) and a homecoming queen (with boobs).  Vickie makes Kaitlyn do it over (with boobs).

Aksana has a THICK accent and broken English.  Maryse should update her resume.  Aksana asks us to “let me entertainment you”.  A wrestling meme is born.

Maxine shows natural heel talent and sexuality.

AJ is a Mickie James clone all the way.

Jamie might actually fit in and have talent.  The girl’s arms are huge but not disgustingly so.

Naomi comes off very hard and tough.  Reminds me of Jazz, but a lot more attractive.

The first Divas challenge takes place and its a Dance Off.  Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Tony Chimmel act as dance partners for the ladies.  Every employee in WWE realizes there’s a problem here.  How to  have attractive girls in short skirts dance like sluts and keep the show TV-PG.

Alicia Fox and Maxine vs. Kelly Kelly and Naomi.  The Rookies have some hideous wrestling gear on.  Ladies, its not the indies anymore, buy some better tights.  Oh, my mistake.  None of them ever had to work independents.  How could I be so foolish?

Naomi rolls up Maxine with a small package for the pin.  Naomi then hits a suplex and tries to pin Maxine again.  Somewhere, Alex Riley is celebrating now that he hasn’t had the worst NXT fuck-up.

Matt Striker has to explain to the Rookies how Capture the Flag works.  Wow.  Not a brain between them.  “No, really, (enter Rookie name here), just put it in your mouth.  I’ll tell you when I’m close.”  Naomi wins this contest too.

Video package on Jamie.

Goldust and Aksana vs. Primo and AJ.

AJ flips into a bulldog and gets the pin on Aksana.  Vickie starts shit with AJ, and “sics” Kaitlyn on AJ.   Brief fight which Vickie gets the worse of.

This show hurts.  It hurts a lot.  How WWE can ruin beautiful women is beyond me, but they found a way.  This would be a great show during the TV-14 era of WWE but right now its ruined.

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