The Future of the Marvel Universe Revealed!

This panel comes from Avengers #5.  Future Tony Stark is talking to Present Tony Stark and he unveils a timeline.  Some past, some current and some possible futures are revealed.

(Click to embiggen!)

So what does this tell us?

Tony has crossed out “What I wouldn’t do for a drink”.  HA!

“The Drumm  of the Revenger.” Most likely Jericho Drumm, Brother Voodoo.

“Steve’s Vision!”  Everyone assumes this to be Steve Rogers, but what if it was Stephen Strange?

“Iron Lad Returns.”

“Yesterday’s X-Men.” Most likely the dead mutants returning this winter.

Galactus Seed


Academy Traitor.  Again, most likely the Avengers Academy but what if its Xavier’s.

Return of the King.  Black Bolt?

Master of Kung Fu

Three.  The demise of the Fantastic Four?

4-1= Spider.  Spider-Man or some other Spider themed character joining the Fantastic Four?

Night Falls.  The return of the Midnight Sons?

Fear Without Man

3(Skull)ion.  The current theory is that this will involve the Ultimate Universe crossing over into the proper Marvel 616.

Find more and send me your predictions/theories.

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