Top New DVDs for September 28, 2010.

One of the busiest weeks in awhile.  See the awesome stuff coming out today!

Iron Man 2

Duh.  How could you not get this?  Not a perfect film, but really really fun.  Whiplash looks fantastic, Black Widow is sexy as hell and we get drunk Tony Stark.  Plus the extras will reveal some Easter eggs for the Avengers series.

Get Him to the Greek was a hilarious movie.  Good lines, great setup and the soundtrack fucking kicks ass.  But I don’t know that its worth buying (at least not for full price).  It takes a lot to get me to buy a comedy on day one.  Definitely worth a rent though, then an iTunes download of the Infant Sorrow tracks.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is the story that returned the “right” version of Supergirl to the DC Universe.  Darkseid and the New Gods get involved.  Once again the animation and voice talent is 5 star.  A worthy addition to your super hero library.

Family Guy: Partial Terms of  Endearment is a previously unreleased banned episode of Family Guy.  It takes a lot to ban a full episode of Family Guy.  An abortion lot.  Bonus feature is the Seth and Alex Almost Live comedy special.

Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho is a well deserved and long overdue look at Chris Jericho’s career.  9 hours worth.  From the Thrillseekers all the way up to his most recent WWE run.  Team Hellions picked Chris Jericho as the best wrestler of the decade.  Now find out why.

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted is a motion comic on DVD.  Not quite a page, not quite animated.  However, it is a great story and worth experiencing in your medium of choice.

The Cleveland Show The Complete Season One will only interest you if you enjoy the whole Family Guy universe.  It is different but not that different.  Much like WWE trying to say that Raw and Smackdown have completely different viewers, I’ve yet to meet someone who watches Cleveland who does not also watch Family Guy.  That being said, its still a funny ass show.

Frozen was a great horror movie taking a small event and making it terrifying.  Three skiers try to not freeze to death while trapped on a ski lift over the weekend.

And now horror takes over.  While October doesn’t start until Friday, the movie studios get one extra release week for their films.  Most of this weeks horror is under the Fangoria Frightfest umbrella.  The movies are varying degrees of good but all are worthy additions to your horror library.

Fangoria Frightfest Presents – Pig Hunt.

A pig hunt (duh) gets turned when the hunters are now hunted.

Fangoria Frightfest Presents – Fragile.

Creepy hospital full of creepy kids movie.

Fangoria Frightfest Presents – Dark House

Haunted house story.

Fangoria Frightfest Presents – Hunger

Part Saw and part cannibal horror.

Fangoria Frightfest Presents – Grimm Love

A student researching cannibalism begins a dark descent.

Fangoria Frightfest Presents – Road Kill

A group of friends drive a truck with a dangerous cargo.  With reverse Duel elements sprinkled in.

Fangoria Frightfest Presents – The Tomb

A twisted quest for immortality.

Fangoria Frightfest Presents – The Haunting

Another haunted house movie.

Nightmares in Red White and Blue The Evolution of the American Horror Film is thus my pick of the week.  Usually cast aside and ridiculed, horror gets its documentary due in this 90 minute film.

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