WWE – AJ Should Win NXT.

Yeah, after last night’s episode I’ve made my pick for NXT Season 3.  AJ needs to win this season.

Last night, during the “Dis the Divas” challenge AJ said, “Divas can like video games and comic books”.  This is the perfect thing for anyone needing the votes of the WWE Universe to say.  AJ also had her first video package last night that showed the most important trait which will help her win Sesaon 3.  AJ is a wrestling fan.

WWE has had dozens of men and women come and go who are not wrestling fans.  They’re in it for themselves and nothing more.  AJ is a fan first.  Her passionate pours out of her and into the living room.  She no doubt cried her eyes out with joy her first time in an FCW ring.  These tears have been amplified the first time she was backstage at a WWE event, and no doubt when she was told she would be on NXT.  Thing the girl is crazy passionate now?  Wait until her first WrestleMania match.

She’s also proud of being a geek, and doesn’t try to hid it.  Whether she is off camera

or on camera, AJ’s love of geeks and nerds shines through.

And finally, the best part is, like every true girl next door, AJ has no idea how attractive she looks.  She looks good dirty playing with the boys, and just as great all done up in a dress.

AJ is the rare Diva who can be loved by the Entertainment fans for being sexy, and for the Wrestling fans for being a wrestler.  The entire WWE Universe has found their next Diva.

One comment

  1. I whole heartily agree. I’ll admit, at first I wanted Kaitlyn to win, based pretty much on her looks. I know, I know, shallow. [shrugs] But after watching AJ in the ring, and listening to her talk, I believe she is the most talented, the most interesting and the one person out of all of them who actually deserves to be there. And she’s adorable, in a cute way and in a sexy way. So yeah, she’s got my vote.

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