Smarked for Death – WWE Hell in a Cell 2010.

Some great matches and a PPV that’s worth the money for once.  Read on fans, and react with disbelief!

Don’t worry about spoilers.  These fans are actually trying to escape the smell from the stinker of a main event!

The show starts out with John Morrison vs. The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan (champion) for the United States title in a submissions count anywhere match.  This was easily the best match of the show, and on the current list for best of the year.  Bryan shows why he belongs in WWE, and to carry a title.  Someone unknown to casual fans and who looks like, well like a casual fan, is getting wins over past and future world champions.  But then he goes out there and silences critics with his work.  Tonight even Michael Cole had to give Daniel Bryan respect.

The Miz and Daniel Bryan have a brutal exchange in which both men have locked on heel hooks, and are trying to escape by kicking the other man in the head.  This is only broken up after Morrison hits Starship Pain on both men.  Morrison’s integration of Parkour moves into his wrestling style elevates him to a new level.  No one else is doing anything like it, at least not on a national scale, in wrestling.  He has become a man who sells tickets.  Fans will come just to see what Morrison invents next.

Bryan, after Morrison is taken out by Alex Riley, clasps on the Lobell Lock on the Miz and retains the US title.  Sure the match was full of high spots, but it was still an exciting match.  It started off the PPV to make the fans hot, all 3 men looked like stars, the US title is given more prestige, and Daniel Bryan gains more ground in the WWE hierarchy.  Great match.

Randy Orton (WWE Champion) vs. Sheamus – Hell in a Cell match.  Another surprising match.  Here’s the thing about Sheamus.  The main event players don’t respect him yet, but they’re being forced to wrestle him.  Sheamus has yet to pin a main eventer, and he won his two titles without pinning the champion.  Thus, a big name wrestler doesn’t want to make Sheamus look good, much less take his title.  But they’re forced to wrestle the match as plotted.  So Sheamus will get a win, but doesn’t end up looking strong in the process.  He looks lucky.  Contrast that with a match, such as this one, where Sheamus is the loser.  He looks amazing all match!  Sheamus wrestles like he belongs in the main event, and Orton allows Sheamus a lot of offense because Orton will end up winning anyways.

Yes, its still Super-Orton.  He kicked out of two Brogue kicks and ended up looking strong at the end of the match.  But Sheamus never looked as good as he did tonight.  He wrestled a smart heel match and looked like a star at every step.  Maybe now he can get a decisive pin over someone of the highest caliber.

Alberto Del Rio comes out to kill time.  Edge rides in, continuing his quest to end stupidity.  Jack Swagger responds to Edge.  Del Rio leaves and an unplanned Edge vs. Jack Swagger match takes place.

The more Swagger steals moves from Kurt Angle (like running up the turnbuckles) the better Swagger’s career will be.  Just don’t steal his prescriptions.  Also, try to land on your back and not your neck, Swagger.  Edge nearly breaks his ankle yet again.  Luckily for him, his ankle had been loosened up from the frequent changes in direction his character has taken lately.  Edge ends up hitting a spear and getting the pin on Swagger.  Very good match for an unplanned one.

Wade Barrett vs. John Cena will go down in history as one of the most important matches in the story line that is WWE.   This match progresses the overall story arc on “the longest running show in TV” more so than any other since the Attitude era.  Nexus is stronger than ever, especially with at least two new additions (the fans were most likely Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris).  Raw is now unpredictable, and must see TV.

Natalya vs. Mrs ‘Taker took place.  That’s about it.  We all know who’s going to win.  Matt Striker compares McCool to Fabulous Moolah and Trish Stratus.  Undertaker hands Striker a $20.  Mae Young rolls over in Moolah’s grave.

Kane beat the Undertaker with help from Paul Bearer turning on Undertaker (AGAIN!) and a beam of light.  Oh, the beam of light spot was done while the arena was blacked out.  Excellent.

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