Top 5 New AOTS Co-Hosts.

Accept it fans, Olivia Munn is gone.  Attack of the Show still features her image on the show and in advertising.  But she’s not coming back.  Much love for what she’s done for the show, and we all hope for the best in her other projects.  However, AOTS needs to move on.  As Olivia took Attack to a new level as host, a new permanent co-host needs to be named to take AOTS even higher.  Today, we present the top 5 contenders that should be named new co-host of Attack of the Show.

Honorary Mention #1 Morgan Webb

Morgan has it all.  She’s absolutely stunning, no matter what hairstyle she’s rocking this year.  She can banter with anyone and make it look natural.  Best of all, Ms Webb is for real.  She really would rather spend her weekends on the couch in t-shirt and jeans playing Red Dead Redemption.  And she’ll look hot as hell doing it.  Also, Tiny Morgan is one of the funniest things AOTS has ever done.

So why isn’t she number 1?  The show is called Attack of the Show, not X-Play.  Morgan already does an amazing job on her show.  AOTS has a lot of video game segments.  The two shows do not need to blur together.

Honorary Mention #2 Sara Underwood

Sara is stunning.  There’s not one bad picture of her out there, and so so many that are NSFW.  Her work thus far on AOTS has been… varied.  She works well within certain areas.  Her field reports where she plays the cute girl who is out of her element (like firing guns) are always entertaining.  Any segment involving her wearing tiny outfits has the reverse of the expected reaction — she seems to be more comfortable on camera the less she wears.  Most surprising is her chemistry with Weston Scott.  I don’t know what it is, but the Lethal Defense segments bring out the best in her.  She seems to even surprise herself, as if she’s stunned and proud of what she can do.

So why isn’t she number 1?  The girl has come a long way, and she’s all sorts of sexy.  But she can’t read a teleprompter to save her life.

5. Blair Butler

The one true Queen of the Geeks, Blair is the greatest hot geek alive.  She run rings around your lack of knowledge in all things comics.  Then she’ll take to the eight sided ring and hold her own as one of the best MMA analysts out there.  All of this in the perfect girlfriend package — girl next door hot, sick and funny mind, and she looks great in a t-shirt.

So why isn’t she number 1?  Well, because she doesn’t want to be.  If Blair wanted to be on AOTS more, she would be.  She can write, act, looks great in a superhero outfit, and clicks with everyone she’s ever been on camera wtih.  If Blair is more comfortable behind the scenes, we’ll respect that and leave her at number 5.

4. Carrie Keagan

Carrie makes this list solely because she’s willing to do anything on the show.  Getting vacuumed packed, having boobs, licking a Playstation Move, having boobs, dressing up as Power Girl, having boobs.  Not to be mean, but Carrie is average talent with above average boobs.

So why isn’t she number 1?  Because she’s yet to be more than boobs.  Could be her fault, could be the writers fault, but its true either way.

3. Jessica Chobot

Jessica is such a natural for G4 that we’re left wondering why it took so long.  Its like seeing a good adult cartoon that’s not on Adult Swim (Archer).  The Chobot should have been on Attack as soon as she appeared in public.  When Playstation does advertising to parody/tribute one of your pictures, the number one video game  channel should pick up on that.  It can be said, without perversion, that Jessica got to where she is because of her tongue.

So why isn’t she number 1?  Because she hasn’t been on enough.  Jessica has done an excellent job anytime she’s been on AOTS, but she hasn’t been on enough times and therefore doesn’t have as many memorable appearances.

2. Tiffany Smith

Never before in AOTS history have I seen someone debut and immediately wanted to know more about them.  Tiffany has done the Feed and hosted the show, and looked like she’s done it 100 times.  Doing a live show surrounded by smart asses has to be difficult even for the people who are there every day.  Tiffany nailed it on day one.  She actually is a geek, not playing one on TV.  Also, she’s awesome to her fans and always takes time to make them feel special.  Not only is she stunning, but she has her own look.  There are hundreds if not thousands of beautiful women in LA, but not a one looks like Tiffany.  AOTS could have something exclusive.

So why isn’t she number 1?  Tiffany is amazing, and I want to see her on Attack many more times.  However, someone else has been busting her ass for 3 years on the show and deserves that spot.

1. Alison Haislip

If AOTS is looking for a host who can talk to anyone, banter freely, flow with a live show, look hot, do crazy stunts, and look hot in whatever outfit she’s put in then they should look within their own studios, because Alison Haislip is that host.  The fans already see her as the heir apparent.  She was accepted as a fundamental part of the show years ago, when fans would list her as third (Kevin, Olivia, and Alison) most important person on the show.  So what if she cant tie her shoes!  That just makes her all the more adorable and geeky.

So why isn’t she number 1?  You tell me G4.


  1. My top choice is Morgan Webb but it won’t happen because she already got a show. My 2nd will be Chobot. My least fav is Carrie Keagan, She acted as though she is already halfway drunk on the show.

    Mixed feelings on Haislip. There are times when she is fun to watch but after being exposed to her long term will give you diabetes because of her sugary sweet demeanor.

    i’m sure AOTS already did a test screening on Haislip (at the mimimum) as possible replacement for Munn. My guess is that the test did not go well for Haislip. Otherwise they will not still send her away for an entire month just to produce a 3 minute segment for the show.

    All this talk about replacement for Munn is moot because I doubt G4 the network will still be around a year from now.

      • Every network is owned by some conglomerate. And if G4 continues to be a moneypit with no ratings to speak off, you still think a publicly-traded company will want to put G4 in their annual shareholders’ report?

  2. Well said, not sure about the order but would say most of what you said was on point. Glad to see Blair Butler mentioned and you summed it up nice. I think Carrie has not a bit more in her small number of episodes then just boobs though but ya I think she has got some work to do before being thought of as a top contender. Surprised not to see Michelle Nunes though I think she is a top contender. So I would take out Tiffany Smith and put in Michelle Nunes.

    • I made a typo there somehow. I meant to say Carrie has more then just boobs going for her and I like her just not as permanent host at this point.

  3. 1. I agree that Alison is the hands down winner to take over the AOTS co-host. Great chemistry with Kevin and shes NATURALLY knowledgeable about Video games and Tech….unlike Olivia Munn.

    2. Jessica Chobot should be the runner up, possesses all the same talents and benefits of Allison – but the only deal breaker and the reason why the chances of her being the #1 co-host choice is due to the fact that she has strong connections to IGN and would never leave San Fran. never know, maybe she desires a change of scenery. (hopefully cuse IGN sucks)

    3. Sara Underwood is the most gorgeous girl to ever be on AOTS. Period. That almost lands her the job automatically. But i agree that she fits the job of Field Reporter better.

    4. Carrie Keagan should not be on the list – way to bubbly on annoying levels. She doesn’t sound believable that she actually knows the content of what shes reading off the teleprompter. Tiffany Smith has done the show once? Twice? – way to early to rank her so high.

    And finally..

    5. You posted a picture of Amanda McKay instead of Jessica Chobot – MAJOR FAIL!

  4. yeah, she’s busted her ass, but that doesn’t mean should get the job by default, that’s not how the entertainment industry works. i won’t be surprised at all if they go a different direction and choose either one of the many current fill ins or someone else entirely.
    as for olivia, i don’t think it is entirely her fault that she hasn’t been on the show recently. i think part of the blame lies with g4. sure she has chosen to do other things, with the permission of g4, but g4 has also placed limitations on her doing the show. i believe she would be on the show more if some of the stipulations were relaxed or removed.

  5. I completely agree with the need for the show to move on from Olivia (she hasn’t been on once since comic-con) & I also agree Alison should be the permanent co-host. I disagree with Tiffany as high as you have her. I’d even put the new girl they on last week above her. Chobot #2

  6. Olivia Munn is awesome. Be a SHAME to see her go. She does so well in the talk show format.

    But, a career such as hers can be hard to manage. If she does leave the show, I hope G4 is willing to work with her again in the future.

    More power to whomever may replace her on AOTS.

    (P.S. I thought Alison Brie did a good job.)

  7. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT MAKE SARA UNDERWOOD THE NEW HOST OF AOTS!!!!!!!. My first choice would be Jessica Chobot.

  8. I’m not trying to be mean here, and Tiffany Smith seems like a totally cool person and all, but I think she does better on the segment work (The Feed, Hoooooooons) than as a host. I enjoy her work, but she didn’t seem to have that “spark” that the others on the list do. Over time and repeat appearances, I’m sure she’d develop into a better candidate, but until then, segment work.

    Also, the descriptions of Carrie Keagan and Jessica Chobot seemed a bit harsh. I feel like Carrie’s sense of humor fits the show perfectly, and like Olivia Munn, she’ll take one for the team to get the laughs. As for Miss Chobot, reducing her to just a tongue is just wrong. Sure, it’s probably her most popular showcase, but she works hard for IGN covering a lot within the gaming world, and also does outside hosting gigs. She’s earned her success legitimately.

    I do agree on your #1, though. Alison is far and away the top choice.

    P.S. Um, not to burst your bubble, but that picture is NOT Jessica Chobot.

  9. You forgot Candace Bailey who is cuter and naturally funnier than most girls on your list. I think she would be the perfect cohost

    Also I would prefer Morgan over Alison but it’s doubtful that would ever happen

  10. G4 needs to hurry up and make Alison the co-host full time already. She’s always good when she’s on. She’s paid her dues. Also, enough of Carrie Keagan. I don’t want to be mean but she’s tries too hard to be funny and it falls flat.

  11. i gotta agree with ya i like tiffany she gots a unique pesonality,i would love to see her more on the show on the future,though i also really liked michelle nunes last week.bottom line thou is if olivia goes because she under contract till 2011,haislip is the obvious replacement webb and chobot have their own jobs going for them and i could care less for keagan and some of those new chicks that have been on the show lately.

  12. I would like to thank Alison Haislip, Tiffany Smith and everyone who retweeted this, thus making it one of the most popular posts of all time on this site.

  13. If the show producers wanted Allison to be Munn’s replacement, it would have happened already. Instead she is send away on week-long assignments just so she will get a 3 minute segment and facetime and to remind her fans she is still alive. Unlike Chobot and Webb, Allison is not tied to other projects/shows other than her own private ones; she might even have a contract to work exclusively for AOTS. The fact that AOTS would rather undergo a carousel of cohosts from outside rather than installing one of their own is troubling for Allison to say the least,

    It’s like everyone expects David Letterman to take over The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson retires but that didn’t happen, did it?

  14. I really think Alison should get the job, if she wants it that is. I don’t dislike any of the girls but I think most of them would be best as guest hosts or Feed Readers.

    Team Alison FTW.

  15. I agree with what most of the responses on here Allison should be the co host she has the most chemistry with kevin and she’s just down right perfect for the job. If not her then it would have to be chobot, and yea carrie kegan is too annoying and she does try to hard, she is really hot though thats about it.

  16. Michelle Nunes has it hands down. I love Allison, but Michelle played the role perfectly. Plus she’s an effin Miss Hooters contestant. Beat that! Michelle for new host for sure.


  17. Sara Jean Underwood is perfect. And I don’t just mean her body. Being a Playboy Playmate gets her access to behind-the-scenes that other hosts can only dream about!

  18. Even with the show taking a look at this post (as per your comment above), it’s funny, or is it sad, that the woman who got the AOTS guest host, Candace Bailey, didn’t even rate a review on here. Shows they really were not listening.

  19. Umm Agree it should be Sara Jean Underwood as # 1 and new host and where is our favorite cylon Alessandra Torresani? Since no more caprica i was hoping she’d get the guest host gig I mean shes the first fraking cylon doesnt get more epic geek than that!

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