Top New DVDs for November 2, 2010.

Its All Souls Day, so lets see what souls we can watch on DVD today.

Toy Story 3

You shut your whore face.  This might be the best movie of the year.   The ending is one of the most emotional movie moments I’ve had in my life.  Maybe Pixar’s finest moment.

The Goonies 25th Anniversary (Blu-Ray)

I’ve been trying to not put on movies that have already been released when a new version comes out.  However, this is the Goonies.  A special anniversary set.  We can now watch the Truffle Shuffle in 1080p.

V: The Complete First Season

I really need to get caught up on this show.  Even more embarrassing was my finding of the original mini series on VHS in my attic.  Also, never watched.


TNA Hardcore Justice 2010 was an entertaining PPV and a nice (final?) send off for the original ECW.  WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 was fantastic outside of the main event, which was overbooked.  Finally UFC presents The Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights (Blu-Ray) which would be a great way to waste a weekend and get wasted.


There are 4 Horror Cinema sets coming out today.  Each set includes 5 DVDs full of horror movies.  Amazon doesn’t have a movie by movie breakdown.  They’re most likely the usual public domain films (White Zombie, Night of the Living Dead, The Terror) in new sets.  The sets are $15 each but look for that to fall quickly.

Deadfall Trail is the surprise of the week.  A group of hunters is lost in the woods and it becomes a “man is the most dangerous game” sort of tale.  The trailer gets good half way in, and that’s what bumped this from a skip to a movie that looks worth a watch.

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