Team Hellions Classic – WWE House Show Results 7/23/05.

Watertown NY WWE Raw House Show Results
Sunday, July 24, 2005 2:34 PM
This was similar to the show last night in Utica, NY but with some changes.  Show started at 1:30pm and was over by 4:15.  The crowd cheered for everyone because it had been 10 years since the last WWE show here.  The main event of that show was Undertaker vs Kama in a casket match.
Rene Dupree interupted the national anthem.  He then told everyone that he is the French Phenom baby! until Viscera came out.
Viscera pins Rene Dupree
3 Way Elimination Match for the Intercontinental title
Rob Conway vs Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito
Conway gave the ring announcer a card to introduce him.  Similar to 2 Cold Scorpio’s old introduction in ECW.  “Wearing black with tiger print trim and weighing in tonight and 234 and one quarter pounds.  He is the master of the ego trip…..”
Conway was eliminated first, followed by Shelton for a Carlito win.
Christy Hemme pins Victoria.  Victoria hits the Widow’s Peak post match.
Kurt Angle pins Eugene in a match full of near count outs.  Side note, this show was sponsored by the Disabled Persons Action Organization and there were some that questioned the choice of Eugene for the show.
Kane pinned Edge (with Lita)
There were some Matt Hardy chants but its not really a smart town
Hurricane and Rosey beat the Heart Throbs
Chris Masters and the Master Lock Challenge.  Big Show comes out and it becomes a regular match.  Big Show wins.
John Cena pins Chris Jericho.  Fit Finlay came out from the back and took a seat ringside for this match.
Post show Chris Masters was the only one to aknowledge the fans.  He was coming to sign autographs until someone ran up to him and reminded him of when his flight leaves.
A fun show and it will probably still be 10 more years before they come again.


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